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Arrangement of this list is alphabetical by title. The media collection consists of items in various formats.  The format of each item is indicated after the title in parentheses. Items are housed at the main campus unless otherwise noted.

Location indicates campus or site item is housed:

Main: Main Campus

HSC: Health Sciences Campus  (Segars Library)

LC: Lake City Site

HV: Hartsville Site

The media collection is located on the first floor of the library at the main campus.    At the Lake City and Hartsville sites, items are located in the resource room at each site.

If you need assistance, please ask any member of the library staff.

Media Material

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9 Traits of successful workteams. (video)(HD 66 .N56 1995)

10 Basics of businessetiquette. (video) 1993.  (HF 5389 .T46) 

1865 Aseptic techniques(video) (RD91.A831999x) (Location: HSC)

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Active vs. passive voice.(video)(PE140.A5 2000x) (location: FDTC,  HV, LC)

Accountability that works! (video recording) (HD58 .9 A236 2003) (location:  Reserve-Main)

Accepting the challenge.(video) (HD 4903 .A 33 1999x) (Location: HSC)

A.D.D.:  stepping out of thedark (RJ 496 .A86A18 1993) (video) (Location: HSC)

Adam Smith wealth of nations (video) (HB 103.S6 A39) 

Administering blood & bloodcomponents.(video) (RM 171 .A4  1988x) (Location: HSC)

Administrative skills.(video) (R 728.8 .A36). (Location: HSC)

Adolescence (video)  (HQ 769.9 .D48 No.28) 

Advertising agency(video) (HF 6178 .A381998x)

Advertising and marketing onthe Internet.(video) (HF5415.1265 .A49x 1998)

Africa(3 videos) (DT 12.25 .A35 1992)

Africa arts  (video) (N  7380.T41995x)

Africa continent of contrast (video)  (ST 12.25 .A4 1994x)

Afro-Americans Inventors:From dreams to reality  (video) (T39 .F 76)

Africa, continent of contrast.  (video) (DT 12. 25 .AH 1994x) 

Africans In America (video) (E 441.A 391 1998) (Pt. 1-4)

Agamemnon.  Aeschylus: the oresteia.  (video) (PA 3827 .A8 1990)

The Age of faith to the ageof reason. (video)  (B73 .G732 1997 pt.2)

The Aging process.(video) (QP 86 .A44 1991x)

Against the odds(video) (NX 511. N4A5 1994ax)

Alcohol and the family: breaking the chain. (video) (HV 5132.A433 1990)  

Alex Haley(video)  (PS 3558 .A370 A49 1992)

Alex Haley's Queen (video) (PN 1997.A51992x)

Alexander The Great(video) (Pt. 1-2) ( DF 234. 2I 5 1998x)

Algebra (video) QA 155 .A44 1996x)(pt. 1-2)

Alice Walker. (video) (PS 3573 .A425 Z25 1994)

Alice Walker. (video) .  (PS 3573 .A425 Z536 1992)

Allen, Philip J.  Suicide. (cassette tape) 1970.  (HV 6545 .A44)

Altered states.(video) (HV 4999.2 .A48 1995)

Alzheimer's.(video) (RC 523 .A35 1991x) (Location: HSC)

America Music M  (video)  (1630.8.A58V) (Vol.-1,5,7,9,12,13,15)

America's dream.(video) (PN 1995.9 .N4 A4 1996x)

The American experience (video) (D 756. 5 .N6D11 1994x)

The American Experience simple Justice amex  (Video) (KF 4153.36.545 1993x)  (p 1-3)

America's Indian heritage:rediscovering Columbus. (video) (E 179 .R634 1991)

America in the thirties:depression and optimism. (video) (E 806 .A619 1990)

American drama. (2fs, 2cs) 1980.  (PS 332 .A4) (unit 13)

American literature. (video) (parts 1 & 2) (PS 88 .A45 1985)

American musical theater. (video)   (ML 1711 .A64 1986)

America music (video)  (M1630.18.A58)

American musical theater:the 1970's. (video) (ML 1711.5 .A64x 1986)

The America Revolution (video)  (E 208 .A447 1994x)  (1-6)

American short story collection: (video)(PN 1997.85 .A44 1987X)

The Man that corrupted Hadleyburg

Bernice bobs her hair

Pigeon feathers

The Revolt of mother

The Music school & Parker Adderson, philosopher

Rappaccini's daughter

Barn burning

Almos' a man

Paul's Case

Love and other sorrows

The Sky is gray

The Blue hotel

I'm a fool

The Jolly corner

The Greatest man in the world

Soldier's home

The Displaced person (2)

The Jilting of Granny Weatherall

The Hollow boy

The Golden honeymoon

Anatomy And Genetics  (video) (AG 195 .T455 1987.V.14)

An American stepfamily(video)  (HQ 759.92 .A44 1992X)

Antigone (video) (DA 4414. A2T38 1999x)

An introduction onphilosophy   (video) (BD 21.M6 1997x)

Ancient America.(video) (E 77 .A52 1996x) (1-4)

Ancient philosophy andfaith.  (video)(B 73 .G732 1997) (pt.1)

Angela's ashes (video recording) (E184 .I6 M1172 2000)

Animal farm.(video) (PR 6029 .R8 A6 1996x)

The anthrax threat  (video recording)(RA64.A6 A58 2001)

An  Audio cassette course inmedical Spanish. (cassette)  (PC 4121 .M3 A9 1981x) (c.1)

An Audio-visual history ofAmerican literature, pt. 1& 2. (video)  (PS 88 .A45 1985)

Any way the wind blows (cassette)  (PS3558 .A64438 A57 2001)

Applying protective devices.(RT 87 .A66 1977) (video)  (Location: HSC)

Appropriate curriculum foryoung children.(video) (LB 1140.2 .A69 1988x)

Aristotle's ethics. (video) 1984, 1962.  (PA 3893 .E6 A7)

Aristotle's ethics. (video)  (PA 3893 .E6 A7) (c.2)

Arrhythmias (vide recording)  (RC685 .A65 A73 2000)

The Art of listening. (video) (BF 323 .L5 A77 1993)

The Art of caring.  (recording)  (R 733.D61996) (Location: HSC)

The Art of descriptivewriting. (slide) (PE 1408 .S37)

Assessing the elderly: normal physiological changes. (video) (RC 953 .A844 1992) (Pt. 1) (Location: HSC)

Assessing the elderly: physical assessment.(video) (RC 953 .A84 1992) (Pts. 2 & 3) (Location: HSC)

Asthma, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis (video recording) (RC756.A85 2000)

August Wilson. (video)  (PS 3573 .I45677 Z462 1994)

August Wilson. (video)   (PS 3573 .I45677 Z463 1992)

Auscultation of normalbreath sounds. (CD-ROM for windows)

Williams &Wilkins.  (REF.  RC 76.3 A97 1995) (Location: HSC)

The Awakening.(video) (PN 1995.9 .H6 A9 1991x)

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BACH (video)  (4101.B13J64 1998x)

Back to basic math series(video)  (QA 135.5 .B33 1997x)

Bartleby the scrivenerby Herman Melville (video)(PS 2384 . B28 1969)

The Basics on handlingincoming calls. (video)  (BJ 2195 .I47 1990x)

Basic drawing:  [line,light, shade and texture]. (video + 1 teacher's guide) 1989.  (NC 750.B37)

Basic Prinicples (RT41.B372002) 

Battle for Korea(video) (DS 919. B37 2001x)

The bay of pigs(video) (ACC 2867)

Being a single parent.(HQ 759.915 .B4 1987)

Benchmarking in practice.(video)  (HD 62 .15 .B46 1997X  c.2)

Berry gordy to be loved (video)  (ML 429 .G67 A31 1994)

Beyond Human(video) (RC 965. R64 L 8337 2001x)

Beyond secretary. (video)  (HF5547 .S988 1992x) (v.1)

Beyond the glass ceiling.(video) (HD 6054.4 .U6 B49x)

Beyond the world of C++. (2 videos) .  1993 (QA 76.73 .C153 B3 M8 Tape 1 & 2)

Beyond the basics:  more onincoming calls. (video) (BJ2195 .I47 1990X.)

Beyond human(video) (RC 965. R64 L8337 2001x)

The Big dig   (Video Recording) (TE175.B54 2002)

Birth of a sick orhandicapped.(video) (HV 888 .H36 1986x)

A biography of America (video)  (F17.856. 2000x)

Black American literature  (video) (PS 508.N3 S55 1988X)

Black theatre:  the makingof a movement. (video) (PN 2270.A35 B54 1978)

Block play: constructing.(video) ( LB 1140.35 .P55 B56 1993x)

Bloodborne safety  (video recording) (RA642 .B56 B564 2001)

Blood transfusion therapy.(video) (RM 171 .B56 1987x) (Location: HSC)

Blunders & goofs.(video) (HF 1414.4 .D489 1991 v.6)

Body language in customers (video)  (HF 5415.5 P47 1991x)

Body language:  non-verbalcommunication.  2 cassette tapes. (BF 637 .C45 B63 1986)

Book of style.(video) (R 728.8 .B66 1999x) (Location: HSC)

Brain aneurysm surgery. (video) (RD 594 .2 .B7 1997x). (Location: HSC)

Brain-based learning andteaching. (video)  (LB 1060 .J45 1995)

Bridging New York(Video) (TG 24.N4B 542002

Branded.(video) (HF 5414.15 .B73 1999x) (pt.1-3)

Branding.(video) (HD 69 .B7 B738x) (pt.1-7)

Breakoutsessions.  (video) (QA 76 .73 .J38 V6 1996x)

Bredin, Alice.  Guide torunning a successful home-based business. (sound cassettes) (HD 2336 .U5 B741994)

Broadway:  A history of themusical.  vol.1-5.  (5 videocassettes) (ML 1171 .B76x)

Broadcast (tapes) (QA 76 .76 .063 W76 1995x)  (v.1-4)

The Broken cord.(video) (PS 3554 .O695 Z46 1991x)

Bryan Magee talks toGeoffrey Warnock about Kant. (video) (B72 .G73 K3 1997)

Bryan Magee talks to JohnPassmore about Hume.  (video) (E 72 .G73 H8 1997)

Bryan Magee talks to MichaelAyers about Locke and Berkeley (video) (B 72 .G73 L6 1997)

Bryan Magee talks to BernardWilliams about Descartes.(video) (B 72 .G73 D4 1997)

Bubbylonian encounter.(video) (HQ 71 .B84 1983)

Building bridges tokindergarten.(video) (LB 1167 .S53 1998x)

Building a character. (video) 1989 (PN 1689 .B85)

Business communication.(video)  (HF 5718.B87 1996x)

Building construction.(video) (TA 53.5 .B84 1998x)

Business ethics (video) (HF 5823 .B87 X 1997)

Business presentation(video) (5718. B875 1998x)

Buy now: pay later.(video) (HG 3577 .B89 1996)

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Cambridge(video)  (HD 4902.5 F231 1999xC1)

Cambridge(video) (HD 4902.5 F231 1999x C1)

Call of the wild.(video) (PN 1997.85 .J3 1995x)

Cardiopulmonary arrest(video recording) (RC685 .C173 C373 2001)

Career encounters: earlychildhood education.(video)(LB 1139.25 .C37 1995x) (Location: HSC)

Career hunter.(video) (HF 5382.5 .G47 1986)

Career moves: a winningstrategy. (video)(HF 4382.7 C37 1992)

Career self-assessment : where do you fit?  (video) (HF 5381.5.C37)

Care plans   (video recording) (RT48.55 .C37 1998)

The case for innocence(video) (KF 8936.C37 2000x)

Causes of  World War I.(video) 1981 (D 511 .C387)

Causes of World War II. (video)  (D 741 .C25 1981)

The Cave.(video) (B398 .C34 C38 1996)

CCI.  (video)  (HV 9481 .C5521993X)

Celebrating B.I.R.D (video) (ML 419C4 1987x)

Cells anatomy andphysiology.(video) (TT 957 .C45x)

Change or transformation?(video)  (HD 58.8 .T699X 1997 c.2)

Charles Johnson.(video) (PS 3560 .O3735 Z463 1992)

Charlotte's web.(video) (PN 1997.5 .C53 1989x)

Changing growth(video) (LB 113.23.A881996x)

Charting growth -assessment.(video) (LB 1139.25 .A88 1996x)

Chemical hair relaxing andsoft curl permanent.(video) (TT 972 .C4 1993x) 

Chemistry. (video) (TT 984 .C54x)

Child abuse:  breaking thecycle.  (video)1983 (HV 715 .C55)

Child abuse:  prevention,detection, and management. (video) (HV 741 .C455 1989)

Child sexual abuse:  asolution.  (video) 1985  (HQ 71 .C54) (Location: HSC)

Children of poverty.(video)  (HV 741 .C536161992x)

Children's chants and games. (video) 1972  (GR 480 .C35)

Childhood.(video) (E 741 .F556) pt. 21

Childhood sexual abuse. (video)  (RA 776.5 .D63 1990) (Location: HSC) 

Chinua Achebe.(video) (PL 8010 .C55 2000x) 

Christmas Carol.(video) (PR 4572 .C68 1989x)

The History Channel.(video) (TF 238 .C4 C48 1999x)

Civil rights:  yesterday,today, tomorrow. (video)  1986 (JC 571 .C4)

The Civil War.(video) ((9 volumes) (PN 1995.9 .D6 C5 1997x)

Clock orange  (motion picture)  (PN1995 .9S26 C46 2001)

Close to home. (video)  (HV 5801 .C561998X  v. 1-5)

Clueless.(video) (PN 1997 .C64842 1995x)

Coaching the team.(video)  (HD 66 .C6 1997x)  (v.1-2)

Cognitive development.(video) (BF 723 .C5 C54 1995x) (w/ guide)

Cold sassy tree.(video) (PN 1995.9 .I6 C64 1990x)

College blue book.(CD) (L901 .C64 1997x)

Conflict (video recording) (BF637 .I48 C748 1997)  (Reserve-MAIN)

Confidentiality concerns (R724 .c7481 2001)

The Color purple.(video) (PS 3573 .A425 C6 1997x)

Common miracles.(video)  (LB 1027 .C6 1993x)

Communicating withphysicians.(video) (BF 698.2 .C65 1992x)

Communication breakdown:  arepair guide. (video) (BF 637 C45 .C65 1992)

Communication skills.(Video) (R 728.8 .C65 1993)

Communication techniques.(video) (P 96 .T42 C614 1995)

The Complete dramatic worldof Williams Shakespeare  (video) (PR 2832. A2B7 1987)

Computer architecture.(video)  (QA 76 .9 .A73 C65 1998x)

Conducting the interview(video) (HF 5718.C662 1996x)

Conformity, obedience anddissent. (video) ( HM 251 .C66 1990x)

Conquer your fear of publicspeaking. (video)(PN 4086 .C66 1992x)

Construction technology.(video) (TA 145 .C611)

Consumer tapes unit I & II.(12 audio-tapes) (6 tapes each unit) (TX 335 .C6 1974)

Contemporary perspectives inphilosophy of religion. (BL 51 .C66 1988) (video)

Conflict:  the fuel oftransformation.(video)  (HD 58 .8 .T699x) (1997) (v.1)

Conflict resolution (video) (HF 5718.C661996x)

Conquer the new SAT. (video) (LB 2353.57 .C66 1994)

Cost effective telephonesystem management.(video) (BJ 2195 .I47 1990x)

Creating a federal union,1783-1791.  (2fs,2cs) (JK 116 .C741974)

Creating a resume.(video) (HF 5383 .C484)

Credit cards:  living withplastic. (video)(HG 1643 .C74 1991) 

Crimes and punishments:  ahistory. (video)(HV 9475 .S672 C45 1997)

Criminal justice careers.(video) (HV 9950 .C7 1998x)

The Criminal justice systemin America.(3 filmstrips, 3 cassettes)1982 (HV 9471 .C74)

Cross cultural communicationin diverse settings.(video) (HM 101 .D43 1993 pt. 3)

Cross training: (video) (RG 105 .C76 1995) (Location: HSC)

Breast disease andbreast cancer - part 1

Gynecologic cancer -part 2

Pelvic inflammatorydisease and ectopic pregnancy - part 3

Menopause hormonetherapy - part 4

Uterine surgery - part 5

Crucible of empire(video) (E 715. C77 1999x) (Pt. 1-2)

Cross training forobstetrical nursing staff:(video) (RG 951 .C76) (Location: HSC)

Antepartum care - part 1

Intrapartum care -  part2

Postpartum care - part 3

Preterm labor and thirdtrimester bleeding - part 4

Diabetes in pregnancy -part 5

Pregnancy inducedhypertension - part 6      

Home follow-up of earlypostpartum discharge families - pt 7

Newborn assessment -part 8

Cry freedom.(video) (PN 1997 .C89 1987x)

Culture.(video) (HM 101 .C857 1991x)

Customer service bytelephone (video)(HF 5415. 5P47)

Cyberville.(video) (T 14.5 .C93 1996x)

Cybernation. (video)  (QA 76 .17 .H581998)

Cyberworld(video) (QA 76.9.C92)

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Daily dilemmas.(video) (HQ 778.5 D24 1997x)

Dark passages(video) (HT 871. D28 1995x)

Dante's Inferno(video) (PN 1995 .D3 1996x)

Dave Thomas.(video) (TX 910.5 .T46 D3 1998x) (2)

Death of a salesman.(video) (PN 1997.85 .A77 1998) (no.1&2)

The Death of the hired man. (video) 1979.  (PN 1997 .D4)

Deciding who dies. (video)  (HV 8699 .U5 D43)

Deliverance   (video recording) (PN1997.D45 1997)

Delivering successfulpresentations.(video) (HF 5718 .D44 1992x)

Delmar's medical terminologyvideo series(video) (R123  .D44 2000)

Tape1: Basic word structure

Tape2: Organization of the body

Tape3: The integumentary system

Tape4: The musculoskeletal system

Tape5: The nervous system

Tape6: The blood and lymphatic systems

Tape7: The cardiovascular system

Tape8: The respiratory system

Tape9: The digestive system

Tape10: The endocrine system

Tape11: The urinary system

Tape12: The male reproduction system

Tape13: The female reproduction system

Tape14: The special senses system

Design and installation ofburied pipes.(video) (TJ 930 .D47 1998x)

The Design of C++ (video)  (QA 76 .73.C153 S776X)

Desktop publishing (video) (Z 253.53 .D47 1989)

Destination America:  gowest, young man. (video) (JV 6450 .D3 1992) (v.3)

Destination America:  aplace in the sun. (video) (JV 6450 .D3 1992) (v.6)

Destination America:  thebiggest Jewish city in the world. (video)  (JV 6450 .D3 1992) (v.4)

Destination America:  cityof the big shoulders. (video) (JJV 6450 .D31992) (v.5)

Destination America:  madein Britain.(video) (JV 6450 .D3 1992) (v.8)

Destination America:  nationof immigrants. (video) (JV 6450 .D3 1992) (v.9)

Destination America:  oldworld, new world. (video) (JV 6450 .D3 1992) (v.1)

Destination America:  on aclear day you can see Boston. (video) (JV 6450 .D3 1992) (v.2)

Destination America:  wherehave all the Germans gone? (video)  (JV 6450 .D3 1992) (v.7)

Detection and treatment ofsexually abused children.(video) (RJ 507 .S49 C444 1997)(Location: HSC)

The Developing child:(video) (HQ 767.9 .D48)

Heredity and theenvironment - module 5

Prenatal development -module 6

Pregnancy and birth -module 7

The newborn - module 8

Infancy - module 9

Toddlerhood - module17

Adolescence - module28

Developmentally appropriatefirst grade:  a community of learners. (video)  (LB 1511 .D4841993)

Diabetes mellitus  (video recording)(RC660  .D4542 2000)

Dialogue.(video)  (HM 291 .D52 1997x)  (v.1-5)

Digging for slaves:  theexcavation of American slave sites. (video) 1990  (E 441 .D54)

Discipline appropriateguidance of young children.(video) (HQ 7704 .D5 1988x)

Discovering women (video recording) (Q130  .D57 1995) Location: (Reserve-Main) (pt.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6)

Doctor Zhivago (video recording)  (PN1997  .D63 2001)

Doing your best onstandardized tests in reading.(video) 1994 (LB 1050.45 .D64)

A Doll's house.(video) (PN 1997 .D6455 2000x)

Domestic violence(video) (HQ 809 .D655 1996)

Dossy, Barbara M.  TheArt of caring. (sound cassette)(R 733 D6 1996) (Location: HSC)

Dramatic play.(video) (HQ 782 .D72 1997x)

The Duel(video) (E 156. P37 2000x)

Dumas Malone - a journeywith Mr. Jefferson.(video)  (E 332 .D8)

Dutchman.(video) (PS 3552 .A583 D8 1967)

Dynamic businesspresentations.(video) (HF 5718.22 .D96 2000x)

The Dynamic human. {computer file}   (QM 30 .D98 1995)

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Early animation(video) (PN 1997.5.E371990x)

Early childhood education (video) (LB 1139. 23.C37 1995x)

Earnest Hemingway: a cleanwell-lighted place.(video) PS 3515 .E37 Z5744 2000x)

Earthquake protectivedesign. (video)(TA 658.44 .E28)

Edgar Allan Poe.(video) (PS 2600 .F91 1991x)

Effective communications.(video) (HD 30.3 .E35 1998)

Effective study skills: success in the classroom series. (video) (LB 1049 .S8 1987 c.1&2)

Effective test taking: success in the classroom series.(video) (LB 1049 .S9 1987 pt.2) 

Electric nation (video recording)  (33.79320973)

Electronic care plan maker.(diskette)  (RT49 .D63 1998x) (c. 2)

Elements of style (video) (PE 1408 .5772 1990x) (Location: HSC)

Elizabeth Cady Stanton &Susan B. Anthony.(video) (HQ 1412 .E4 1988)

Ellis Island.(video) (JV 6484 .E43 1997x)

El Precio de la libertad.(video) (DP 48.9 .E86 1991) (pt. 4)

Emily Dickinson. (video) (PS 305 .V65 1988) (no. 3)

Emotional intelligence.(video) (BF 561 .G65 1999)

Emperor & slave.(video) (B 528 .E56 1985x)

English composition.(video) (PE 1408 .E53 2000x) (v.1-26)

The Enlightenment and itscritics. (video)(B73 .G732 1997) (pt.2)

Essentials of electronicfetal monitoring.(video) (RG 628.3 .E4 1994) (Location: HSC)

Applying technology -part 1

Interpreting thetracing - part 2

Intervening anddocumenting - part 3

Ethical issues inprofessional life: Part 1.(video)  (BJ 1725 .E741993) (v. 1-2)

Ethical issues inprofessional life: Part 1.(video)  (BJ 1725 .E741993) (v. 1-2 c. 2)

The Ethics of cloning.(video) (QH 442.2 .E84 1997x)

Eudora Welty.(video) (PS 3545 .E6 W67x)

Euripides Medea(video)  (PA 3975.MAJ4 1993x)

Europe and the age ofdiscovery.   (2fs, 2cs)  1977  (G 200 .E97)

Everybody's working;everyone can work.(video) (HD 725.6 .U5 E84 1996x)

The Examined life.(video) (B 52 .E926 1998x) (pt.14)

The Examined life.(video) (BJ 319 .L936 1998x) ( pt.18)

Excursion international:  aword processing simulation. (audiocassette) 1983  (Z 54 .S67)

Existentialism.(video) (B.819 .C68 1989)

Eyes on the prize:  ain'tscared of your jails. (1960-61) (video) (E185.61 .E94 1993x) (v.3)

Eyes on the prize:awakenings.(1954-56)  (video) 198 (E 185.61 .E94 1993x)

Eyes on the prize:  bridgeto freedom.(1965)  (video)  (E 185.61 .E94 1993x) (v.6)

Eyes on the prize:  fightingback. (1957-62) (video) 1986 (E 185.61 .E94 1993, v.2)

Eyes on the prize: Mississippi is this America? (1962-64) (video) (E 185.61 .E 94 1993 v.5)

Eyes on the prize:  no easywalk.  (1962-66)(video) (E 185.61 .E94 1993 v.4)

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Faces of fear . (video)  (HQ 809 .D6551996)

Facing the challenge. (video) (HD 4902.5 .F231 1999x)

Families matter. (video) (HQ 535 .F36 1994)

Family-centered care (video recording)  (RJ101  .F363 1993) Location: HSC (Segars)

Family and surviving. (video)  (HQ 734. H851991)

Family violence. (video) (HQ 809.3 .U5 F3 1993)

Finger waving.(video) (TT 972 .F5 1993x)

Fire or don't fire:  thelegal question. (video) (HV 7923 .F571992x)

First degree murder trial.(video) (KF 224 .S26 F57 1998x)  (v.1/2 - 3/4)

First impressions:  the keyto successful interviews. (video) (HF 5382.7 .F51994)

First step.(video)  (HD 58 .8 .T699X  1997) (v. 4)

First person singular (video recording)  (E175.5.F73 F57 1997)

The First world. (video)  (QA 22 .F57 1990)

The First world.(video)  (QA 22 .P57 1990) (c. 2)

The Flowering of Americanprose.  (2fs,2cs) 1980 (PS 507.A4)  (unit 5)

Fokus Deutsch.(video) (PF 3066 .F64 1998x)

Food for the ancestors.(video) (GT 4995 .A4 .F6 1999x)

For Pete's sake, tell!(film)  (HQ 71.F6)

Forest Gump.(video) (PN 1997 .F674 1994x)

Frida Kahlo.(video) (ND 259 .K33 F74 1983)

Further along the road lesstraveled. (video)  (BV 4598.2 .P432 1993)

The Future of selling. (audiocassette)  1982  (HF 5415 .F878x)

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Garfield, Charles A.  Peak performance training audiotape series. (4 audiotapes)  (HF 5386 .G216 1980)

Geoffrey Chaucer:  poet andpilgrim.  (video)[1985?] (PR 1905 .G4)

George Washington (electronic resource)  (E312 .A58 1984eb)

George Washington the man who would be king  (video) (E 312.2 G46 1992x)

Geosynthetics in reinforcedsoil structures.(video) (TA 760 .C44 G46 1998)

Geosynthetics intransportation applications.(video) (TA 455 .G44 G46 1996)

Geriatric nutritionhandbook. (video)(RM 217.2 .C44 1996) (Location: HSC)

Getting help in thecommunity  (videorecording)  (BF575.S75 G47 1995)

Getting hired & advancing. (video)  (HF 5382.5 .G47 1986)

The G.I. Bill(video) (UB 356. G5 1997x)

Glass menagerie.(video) (PN 1997 .G53 1994x)

Glass photo.(video) (HV 1437 .B5x C7 1996)

Global communication.(video) 1995  (TK 5101 .G46 1995)

Glory (video)  (RM217.2.C44 1996)

Gloria Naylor. (video) (PS 3564 .A895 Z465 1992)

Go tell it on the mountain.(video) (PN 1997 .G6 1985x)

Gone with the wind(video recording)  (PN1997  .G588  1999)  (Pt.1&2)

The Good society.(video) (F 294 .A85 G66 1994)

Gordy, Berry.  To beloved.  (2 audiocassettes) 1994 (ML 429 .G67 A31 1994)

Graham, Stedman.  You canmake it happen.  (2 audio cassettes) (HF 5386.G6552 1997)

Grapes of wrath.(video) (PS 3537 .G6 1996x)

Grease.(video) (M 1527 .G73 1998x)

Great black women. (video) 1991 (E 185.96.G68 1991)

Great minds of theintellectual tradition part I:

ancientphilosophy and faith. (video) (B 73 .G732 1997)

Great minds of theintellectual tradition part II:

The age of faithto the age of reason. (video) (B 73 .G732 1997)

Great minds of theintellectual tradition part II:

The age of faithto the age of reason. (video) (B 73 .G732 1997 c.2)

Great minds of theintellectual tradition part III:

Enlightenmentand its critics. (video) (B 73 .G732 1997)

Great moments from greatspeeches. (video) (PS 668. E83668 G798 1994)

The Great Pharaohs of Egypt (video)  (DT83.G74 1997x)  (4-vol.)

Great philosophers:Aristotle.(video) (B 72 .G73 A7 1997x)

Great philosophers:Descartes.(video) (B 72 .G73 D4 1997x)

Great philosophers: Hume.(video) (B 72 .G73 H8 1997x)

Great philosophers: Kant.(video) (B 72 .G73 K3 1997x)

Great philosophers: Locke &Berkley. (video)(B 72 .G73 L6 1997x)

Great philosophers: medievalphilosophy Thomas Aquinas.(video) (B 72 .G735 1997x)

Greatphilosophers: Plato. (video) (B 395 .B7 1997x)

Greatphilosophers: Spinoza and Leibniz. (video) (B 72 .G73 S7 1997x)

Great speeches.(video) (PN 6121 .G73x) (v. 1,4,7,8,13)

Greek lyric poetry. (video) 1962  (PA 3110 .G7)

 Greek myths I & II. (2 videos) 1991  (BL 782 .G7 1971)

The Greeks.(video) (D 21.1 .W47 1984) Part 1

Growth and development.(RJ 245. P493) Part 1 (Location: HSC)    (video)

Child withcongenital anomalies - part 2

Child with acuteillness:  child surgical care - part 3

Child accidentvictim:  the child with chronic problems - part 4 

Child with oncological/infectious  diseases - part 5

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Hair coloring: double process technique. (video) (TT 973 .H34 1993x)

Hair coloring theory.(video) (TT 973 .H35 1993x)

Hair cutting.(video) (TT 970 .H357 1993x)

Handle last chance (video)  (PN 1997 .H361996x)

Handle with care(video) 1986 (HQ 71.5 .H36)    

Hands on learning.(video) (LB 1029 .H3 1999x) (3)

Happy bear.(video) 1985 (HQ 71.5 .H36)

Harriet Beecher Stowe: UncleTom's cabin. (video) 1988 (PS 1006 .A75 .U54 1988)

Hawthorne, Nathaniel.  The Scarlet letter.  (2 audio cassettes) (PS 1868 .A1 1986)

Hawthorne, Nathaniel.  The Scarlet letter.  (4 videos) 1991 (PS 1868 .A13) (pt. 1, 2, 3)

Health and medicine:  on thecutting edge.(video) (RA 421.H424 1994) (Location: HSC)

Heart failure and pulmonaryedema  (videorecording) (RC685 .C53 E97 2000)

Heartland Reggae (video)  (ML 3532 .H421994x)

Heart of the dragon.(video) (DS 779.2 .B56x)

The Heart of thenation.  (video)  (LB 43. H4 1994x)

Hedda Gabler.(video) (PT 8854 .H42 1994x)

Heredity and theenvironment.(video) (HQ 767.2 .D48 no.5)

Herman Melville.(video) (PS 2384 .B28 H47 1998)

The Hidden dimension. (video)  (HD 58 .8 T699X 1997) (no.3)

High-impact businesswriting. (video) ( HF 5718.3 .H545 1994x)

High-tech jobs.(video) (HF 5382.5 .U5 H55 1999x)

History of the 20thcentury: racism.(video) (E 741 .F556)

A History of slavery.(video) (E 441 .H57 1994x)

H.M.S. Pinafore (video)  (ML 1500. 58H2 1982x)

The Hobbit.(video) ( PR 6039 .O32 H6 1996x)

Hoover Dam(video) (TC 557.5 H6H66 1999x)

Housing alternatives. (slides)  (LC 1046 .04 H6x)

How serious is this.(video) (RA 785 .H69 1997x) (Location: HSC)

How did they do build that.(video) ( TA 775.H69 1998)

How to be superstar students (video)  (LB 1049.M3)

How to draw comics theMarvel way.  (video)  (NC 1764 L4)

How to manage your time.(video + 1 teacher's guide) 1988 (LB 1049 .H49 1988)

How to manage your time. (video)  (LB 1049 .H49 1988) (c.2)

How to read a textbook. (video + 1 teacher's guide) 1989 (LB 1050 .H68 1989)

How to say no withoutfeeling guilty.(cassette tape)  (BF 575 .A85 B74 2000)

How to take essay tests.(video +1 teacher's guide)  1988 (LB 1049 .H6 1988)

How to take notes. (video + 1 teacher's guide)  1989 (LB 2395 .H68)

How to take notes. (video)  (LB 2395 .H68 c.2)

How to use the library. (video + 1 teacher's guide) 1989  (Z 711.2 .H68 1989)

How young children learn tothink with Constance Kanii.(video) (LB 1060 .H68x)

The Human animal:  family &survival (video)  (HQ 734 .H85 1991)

Human body systems series:(video) (QP 31.2 .H86 1998x) (8)

- The Nervoussystem

- The Skeletal and muscular system

- TheCirculatory system

- TheRespiratory system

- The Digestivesystem

- The Endocrinesystem

- The Excretorysystem

- TheReproductive system

Human communications theory.(video) (P 94.7 .H86 1998x)

Humor your stress.(video) (RA 785 .H8 1996x) (Location: HSC)

The Hunt for Red October (video recording)  (PS3553.L245 H8)

The Hunt for Pancho Villa(video) (E 124.5 H85 1993x)

Hypertension (video recording)  (RC685  .H8 H7676 2000)

Hypertension: the facts.(video) (RC 685 .H9 2000x) (Location: HSC)

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IBSEN: Hedda Gabler.(video) ( PT 8854 .H42 1994x)

Ideas:  shadows in the cave. (video) 1991  (B 398 .I3) (part 9)

If it happens to you. (video)  1985  (HQ 71 .I263 1985)

The IMF at work.(video) (HB 3881 .I58 I63 1986x)

Improving your outgoingcalls.  (video) (BJ 2195 .I47 1990x)

Improving telephonecollections. (video)  (BJ 2195.I47 1990x)

In Black and white:  AliceWalker.  (video)1992 (PS 3573 .A425 Z536 1992)

In Black and white:  AugustWilson.  (video)1992 (PS 3573 .I45677 Z462 1992)

In Black and white:  CharlesJohnson.  (video)1992 (PS 3560 .O3735 Z463 1992)

In Black and white:  GloriaNaylor.  (video) 1992 (PS 3564 .A895 Z465 1992)

In Black and white:  JohnWideman.  (video)1992 (PS 3573 .I26 Z462 1992)

In Black and white:  ToniMorrison. (video) 1992 (PS 3563 .O874 Z469 1992)

In Cold blood.(video) (HV 6533 .K3 C3 1996x)

The Industrial revolution inAmerica.  (video)1971(HC  105 .I56 1971)

Infancy.(video) (HQ 767.9 .D48) (no.9)

Infection (video recording)  (RC112  .I54  2002)

Influenza(video) (RA 644. I6I 549 1998x)

In service video network (video)  (LB 1050. 45. D64)

Is Criminal behaviorgenetic. (video)(HV 6047 .O745 1997x)

The International monetaryfund at work. (video) (HB 3881 .I58 .I63 1986x)

Interracial marriages. (video)  (HQ 1031 .I5 1993)

Interview techniques &resume tips for the job.1985 (video) (HF5549.5 .I6 I67 1985x)

Interviewing for a job.(video) (HF 5383 .I6 1984x)

An Introduction to computers. (video)  (RC 78 .7 .D35 I5 1989) (c.2) (Location: HSC)

Introduction to marketing. (10fs, 10cs) 1983  (HF 5415 .I674)

Introduction to selling. Part 1, personal skills, (4fs, 4cs)1980 (HF 5838.23 .I637)

Introduction to selling. Part 2, selling skills, (4fs,4cs) 1980 (HF 5838.23.I67)

Invisible rules men, women,and teams (HQ1075  .I48  1996) (Reserve-Main)

The Issue is race. (video) 1992  (E 185.615 .I87 1992)

It started with the Greeks(video) (BD161 .D33 1985x) (no.1)

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J. Pierpont Morgan.(video) (HG 172 .M67 1996)

James Baldwin:  the price ofthe ticket. (video)  1990 (PS 3552 .A45 Z53)

Java language tutorials:your first jolt. (video)  (QA 76.73 .J38 V6 1996x)

Java language tutorial: yoursecond jolt.(video) (QA 76.73 .J38 V6 1996x)

Jesus Christ superstar.(video) (PN 1997.J4787 1998x)

JFK.(video) (PN 1997 .J45)

Job connection: applying forwork.  (video)  (HF5382.7 J626 1990)

Job interviews:  tipping theodds. (video)  (HF5549.5 I6 J63 1989)

John Fitzgerald Kennedy. (3 videos)  1988  (E 842 .J6 1988)

John Keats, poet. (video)  1973  (PR 4836 .J64 1973)

John Wideman:  aconversation with John Wideman. (video) (PS 3573 .I26 Z467 1992)

The Joy of stress.(video) (BF 575 .S75 H368 1986x)

The Joy that kills (video) (PS 1294. C63J61998)

Julius Caesar. (video)  1990  (PR 2808 .A2 B375 1990z)

Jurassic Park.(video) (PN 1997 .J873 2000x)

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Kate Chopin: the joy thatkills.  (video) (PS 1294. C63 J6 1988)

Keep it confidential.(video) (RA 976 .K33 1992x) (Location: HSC)

Kennedy(video)  (E 842.J61998)  (Pt 1-3)

Kids under the influence. (video) 1989 (HV 5135 .K43)

King Lear. (video) 1988 (PR 2819 .A2 M3 1988)

Konicov, Barrie.  Bepositive.  Cassette tape, 1979  (BF 637 .K6)

Konicov, Barrie. Effective speaking.  (cassette tape)  1978 (PN 4121 .K66)

Konicov, Barrie.  Goodstudy habits.  (cassette tape)  1978 (LB 1049 .K66)

Korea:  war, prosperity &democracy. (video) 1995 (DS 917 .K67 1995)

Krause, Elaine.  Speakup, say no!  (filmstrip with cassette) 1980 (HV 713 .K7x)

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Labor and delivery. (video) (RG 951 .M 373) (Location: HSC) Maternity nursing parts 2&3

Langston Hughes. (video) 1988 (PS 305 .V65 1988) (no. 6)

Last of the Mohicans.(video) (PN 1997 .L37 D39 1996x)

Last rites.(video) (GN 486 .L37 1997x)

Latin-American Spanish fortravelers. (video)  (PC 4121 .L37)

The last of the Mohicans (video)  (1997 L37 B39. 1996x)

The Latino family. (video) (E 184 .S75  L374 1993)

Learning to appreciatediversity.(video) (LB 1527 .L43)

Learning can be fun withElla Jenkins.(video) ( LB 1104.23 .L42 1986x)

Legislating morality.(video) (BJ 55 .L445 1996)

Le Morte D'Arthur (video)  (PR2065.M6711994x)

A Lesson before dying.(video) (PN 1997 .L47 1995x)

Letting go.(video) (R 726.8 .L 651 1996) (Location:HSC)

Lewis and Clark.(video) (F 592.7 .L48 1995x)

Lewis and Clark.(video) (F 592 .B94 1997x)

Level with me - honestcommunication. (video)   (P90  .L393 1990x)

Liar's game.(cassette) (PS 3554 .I319 .L57 2000x)

A life considered (video)  (PR 6023.E83324 2000x)

Linton, Mark.  Encapsulation and inheritance in C ++. (video) (QA 76.73 .C153 L567x)

Lippincott's clinicalskills. (video) (RT48 .L574 1996) (no.2) (Location: HSC)

Lippincott'sclinical skills series.  (video) (RM 147 .L57 1996) (Location: HSC)

Understandingmedication guidelines  - part 1

Administering oral andinhalation medications  -  part 2 

Administering injectable medications  -  part 3            

Administering topicalmedications  -  part 4

Listening skills, the art ofactive listening. pt. 1, p.2, p.3 (cassette - w/slides)  1981 (BF 637 .C45 L57)

Litigation case management. (video)  (KF 8841 .L58 1995) (no.1-3)

Living fully until death.(video) (BF 789 .D4  L785x) (Pt. 1-2)

Living well with lungdisease.  (RC 776.L5 1995) (Location: HSC)

Looking sharp: dressing forsuccess. (video)(HF 5549.5 .I6 L6 1997x)

Looking sharp: grooming forsuccess. (video)(HF 5549.5 .I6 L63 1997x)

Lord of the locks. (video) 1983  (HQ 772 .L67)

LSAT 2002 : teacher testedstrategies and techniques for scoring high/ Thomas H. Martinson. (KF285.Z9 M365 2001)

Lyric Poetry (video)  (PA 3110.G7)

The lures of death. (video) 1984  (HQ 71 .L87)

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Machiavelli onpolitical power  (video) (JF 515 P35)

Machiavelli on politicalpower.  (video) (JC143 .M4 M2)

Mackenzie, Alec.  How todelegate.  (audiocassette) (HD 38 .M342 1983)

Mackenzie, Dr. Alec.  How to set priorities.  (audiocassette)1983(HF 5549.5 .M32)   

Mackenzie, Alec.  Stopwasting time.  (audiocassette)  1984 (TX 147 .M32)

Making career decisions.(video) ( HF 5381 .M345 1993x)

Making a difference throughnewborn screening.(video) (RB 45.5 .M31997X) (Location: HSC)

Making your cold callscount.  (video) (BJ 2195 .I47 1990x)

Man of Lamanch (video) (PN 1997 .M34 1991x)

The Man in the iron mask.(video) (PQ 2227. H68132 1997x)

Manicuring.(video) (TT 958 .M36 1993x)

Managing a diverseworkplace:

 understanding differentcultural values and styles. (video) 1992 (HF5549 .M3)

Managing the present fromthe future. (video) (HD 58 .8 .T699X1997 no. 5)

M. Peet Lorre (video)  (PN1997.MC)

Marcus Garvey (video) (F 185.97. M3644 2001x)

The Marshall Plan  (video recording) (HC240  .M384 1997x)

Mary Shelly's Frankenstein.  (Motion picture)  1995. (PN1995.9 .H6M27).

The Massachusetts 54thcolored infantry. (video) 1991 (E 513.5 54th.M388 1991)

Math made easy   (video)  (QA 152. P731996x) (Pt.1-5)

Master classic in the arts (video) (HF 6146 .T42 H55 1993)

Mastering microsoft C++(compact disc)  (QA 76.73. C153  M211 1995)

Mastering visual basics 4.0 (compact disc)  (QA 76 .73 .B3 M53 1995)

Masters and their music: (video) (ML 310 .M37)

- LouisArmstrong

- JohannSebastian Bach

- Ludwig VanBeethoven

- JohannesBrahms

- Fredric Chopin

- Aaron Copland

- Franz Schubert

- Wolfgangamadeus Mozart

- Scott Joplin

- George Frideric Handel

- Franz JosephHayden

- StephenCollins Foster

- GeorgeGershwin

- Duke Ellington

- RobertSchumann

- John PhilipSousa

- Johann Strauss

McCormack, Mark H.

 What they don't teachyou at Harvard business school.  (audiocassette) 1985 (HF 5386 .M322 1985)

McGee, Tim.  How to be asuper star student.  (video) 1994 (LB 1049 .M3)

The Mechanical universe-andbeyond (video) (QB461 .M44 1987)

Medicalterms. (video) (RT 62 .M42 1990x) (Location: HSC)

Medication issues in mentalhealth:  (video)(RM 315 .M42 1995) (Location: HSC-Segars Library)

Preventing adversedrug reactions - part 1

Understandingmovement disorders - part 2

Medicine at the crossroads series:  (video) (RA 418. M5132 1993) (Location: HSC)

Temple of science -part 1

Code of silence -part 2

Life support - part 3

Conceiving the future- part 4

Random cuts - part 5

The magic bullet -part 6

Pandemic - part 7

Disordered states -part 8

Meltdown at there mileisland (video) (TK134.5 H37 M44 1999)

Memory skills:  powerlearning. (video) (BF 385 .M45 1991)

Memory of the camps(video) (D 810.J4 M45 1999x)

Metropolitan seminars inart:  composition:  as pattern, structure, expression. (1 cs with slides) 1972 (N 7425 .M48 1972) (pt. 3)

Metropolitan seminars inart:  the artist as a social critic/

 the artist as a visionary. (1 fs with slides) 1972 (M 7425 .M48 1972) (pt. 5)

Metropolitan seminars inart:  expressionism abstraction. (1 cassette with slides)  1972 (N7425 .M48 1972) (pt. 2)

Metropolitan seminars inart:  techniques:  fresco tempera and oil watercolor, pastel and prints.  (1 fs with slides) 1972 (N 7425 .M48 1972)(pt. 4)

Metropolitan seminars inart:  what is a painting? (1 cassette with slides)1972 (N 6425 .M48 1972) (pt. 1)

Mexican Americans.(video) (E 184 .M5 M428 1993)

Middle childhood physical growth  (video)  (HQ767. 9MSP51997x) 

A Midwifes take (video) (F 29.H15 M52 1998x)

Mildred D. Taylor:  roll ofthunder, hear my cry. (video) 1992 (PN 1997 .T291992)

The Mind traveller: OliverSacks. (video)(RC 346. M565x 1998)

Mindstretchers: exercises tosharpen perception and problem solving skills. Set of slides.  Kildeer, I1:The Learning Seed Company, 1981 (BF 441 .M5)

Miranda, T. and J. Smith: Surviving the backcountry:  wilderness survival. (video) (GV 200.5 .W44 1987)

Moby Dick.(video) (PS 2384 .M63 1996x)

Modern American poetry. (video) (PS 354 .V4 1988)

Modern U.S. history:  fromcold war to hostage crisis, vol. 1, 2,4 (3 videos) 1986 (E 841 .M62)

Monkey Trail(video) (KF 224.53 M64 2001x)

Mosby's legal and ethicalissues in nursing.(video) (RT 85.M675 1995)(Location: HSC)

Ethical dilemmas anddecision making - part 1

Legal aspects of nursingdocumentation - part 2

Introduction to legalissues and terminology - part 3

Minimizing legal liability- part 4

Patient self-determination- part 5

The Nurse's rights asan employee - part 6

Mosby's medical-surgicalnursing video series.  (RT 41. M424 1994)(Location: HSC)   (video)

Hip fracture - part 1

Chronic obstructivepulmonary disorder - part 2

Myocardial infraction - pat3

Congestive heart failure -part 4

Acute care of burns - part5

Breast cancer - part 6

Complications from diabetes- part 7

Cerebrovascular accident -part 8

Colon cancer - part 9

Tuberculosis - part 10

Spinal cord injury - part11

Acute renal failure - part12

Mosby's nursing leadershipand management video series (RT 89 .M67) 1995(Location: HSC)

Problem solving anddecision making - part 1

Dealing withdifficult people - part 2

Effectivecommunication - part 3

Managing change -part 4

Leadership - part 5

Building teams - part6

Delegates effectivelyand appropriately - part 7

Managing conflict -part 8

Much ado about nothing. (video) 1992 (PR 2828 .A2 B87 1992)

Myths   (video)  (BL 782.G71971)

Mythology.[interactive multimedia]  (BL 722 .M98 1997)

Myocardial infarction  (RC685 .I6  M885 2000)

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The Nail and its disorders.(video) (TT 958 .N3 1993x)

A Nation of immigrants. (sound fs) 1967 (JV 6453 .N37 1967)

Native son.(video) (PS 3545. R815 N2932 1986x)

The Nature of culture(video) (GN 357. N28x)

Nature versus nurture. (video)  (BF 723 .N84 N38x)

The Newborn.(video) (HQ 767.9 .D48) (no. 8)

The New game for child care (video)  (HQ 778. SN48 1997)

New trends in Americanliterature. (2fs, 2cs) 1980 (PS 325. N48 unit 14)

Night, mother.(video) PN .N53 1987x)

The Nike TV commercial.(video) (HF 6146 .T42 N55 1993x)

No brains interviewing.(video) (BF 761 .N6 1998)

No more secrets. (video) 1982.  (HQ 71 .N6)

No more shame:(video)  (RC 514 .U5)

Understandingschizophrenia - part 1

Understandingdepression - part 2

Understandingaddiction - part 3

North and South.(video) (PN 1997. N538 1993x)

Not for sale.(video) (HF 5387 .N67 1992x)

Nothing but a man.(video) (PN 1997. N674 1994x)

Nothing fails like success. (video)  (HD 58.8. T699x 1997) (v.1)

Nourishing language indevelopment in early childhood.(video)  (LB 1139 .L3 N68 1996x)

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The Odyssey (video) (PN1997.066 1997x)

Oedipus tyrannous. (video) 1978 (PN 1997 .028)

Of mice and men.(video) (PN 1997 .O24 1992x)

OK to say no: the case forwaiting.  (video)1981  (HQ 27 .039)

The Old man and the sea.(video) (PS 3515 .E37 O53 1996x)

Once upon a time inCyberville. (video)  (T 14 .5 .C93 1996x)

One Flew over the cuckoo'snest (video)  (PN1997 04611 1997x)

One woman one vote(video) (HQ 1236. 064 1995x) (Pt. 1-2)

The opening of the west. (2fs. 2 cs.) 1980  (PS 271 .065) (unit 7)

Organize your writing. (2fs, 2cs) 1986 (PE 1408 .074)

Orthopedic assessment.(video) (RD 734 .O77) (Location: HSC)

O'Neill, Eugene.  ModernAmerican drama.  (video) 1988 (PS 3529 .N5 L6 1988)

Othello.(video) (Pr 2829 .A23 1998x)

Othello. Pt. 1 & 2. (2 videos) [199-?]  (PR 2829 .A55)

On Values:  talking withPeggy Noonan. (video) (HQ 518 .05 1995)

Our Musical Heritage Series(video) (ML 3760 .D57 1980 2x)

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Pansky, Ben.  Studywheels in human anatomy.  (movable wheels) 1965 (QM 26 .P3)

Partnerships with parents.(video) (LB 1140.35 .P37 1989x)

Parts of speech.(video) (PE 119 .P37 1999)

Peck, M. Scott Furtheralong the road less traveled (sound recording) (BV 4598.2 .P432 1993)

Pelican brief.(video) (PN 1997 .P395 1999x)

Perception.(video) (BF 292 .P4 1999x)

Permanent waving technology.(video) (TT 972 .P47 1993x)

Permanent waving theory.(video) (TT 972 .P4 1993x)

Person to person skills. (video)  (HF 5414 .5 .P47 1991x)

Perspective drawing, how todo it.  (video +1 teacher's guide) 1989 (NC 750 .P47)

People and jobs  (video)  (HF 6382 .P76)

People Century (video) (D  422. P46 1998x) (vol. 1-26)

Age Of Hope (1)

Killing Field (2)

Red Flag (3)

Lost Peace (4)

On The Line (5)

Great Escape (6)

Breadline (7)

Sporting Fever (8)

Master Race (9)

Total war (10)

Breave New World (11)

Freedom Now (12)

Boom Time (13)

Fall Out (14)

Asia Arising (15)

Endangered Planet (16)

Skin deep (17)

Picture Power (18)

Great Leap (19)

Young Blood (20)

Half The People (21)

Guerrilla Wars (22)

God Fights Back (23)

Living Longer (24)

People Power (25)

Fast Forward (26)

For Pete's sake, tell! By Elain Krause.  (sounds filmstrip)  1983 (HQ 71 .F6)

Philosophy and government:the world in Greek times. (video) (JA 82 .P35 1998X)

The Physic informal. (compact disc)  (QC 21 .2 .P43 1995)

The Piano lesson.(video) (PS 3573 .I45677 P53 1998x)

Picture perfect:  how tobecome a model. (video) 1987 (HD 6073 .M7 P5 1987)

Pirates of Silicon valley.(video) (HD 9696.2 .U63 C3 1999x)

Plato's the cave. (video)  (B 398 .C34 C38 1996)

Play- the seed of learning.(video) (LB 1139.35  P55 P53 1996x)

Your positive attitude andmotivation.(video) (BF 693 .C83 1995x)

Powers, Mala.  MichaelChekhov.   (4 audiocassettes)  1992 (PN 2061 .P681992 guide)

The power of benchmarking. (video)  (HD 62. 15.B46. 1997) (c.1)

The power of positive things(video) (BV 4908.5. P43 1986)

The power of dead-even ruleand other gender difference in the work place  (video recording) (HF5549.5. M5 P68 1995x) (Reserve-Main)

Precalculus(video) (QA 154.2. D3 1996x)

Pregnancy and birth.(video) (HQ 767.9 .D48) (no.6)

Prejudice and hate.(video) (D. 804.3 .P47 1994)

Preparing For An Information Processing Center (QA 76.9.03 K657 1997x)

Presentation skills fornon-media events. (video) 1986 (HF 5549.5 .C6P74 1986x)

Presenting Mr. FrederickDouglass. (video) 1994 (E 449. D7493  P747 1994)

Preventing medicationerrors. (video) (RM146 .P74 2001x)

Prison tech. (video) (HV 8805 .P75 1997)

Professional specialtyoccupations   (video recording)  (HF6382  .P76 1992x)

Professional telephoneskills.  (video)(HF 5541 .T4 P73 1994)

Protect yourself: preventinginfectious disease transmitted by blood, body

fluids, andtissue. (video) (RB 45 .P76 1997x) (Location: HSC)

Psychology: conformity,obedience & dissent. (video) (HM 251 .C66 1996)

The psychology of lying:Sissela Bok.(video) (JA 79 .S57 1994x)

Psychology of religion(video)  (BL51.C66 1998x)

Psychological symbols andmodern advertising. (2fs, 1cs) 1973 (HF 5822 .P7)

Puerto Ricans.(video) (E 184 .P85 P84 1993)

Punctuation power. (video) (PE 1115 .P861900z)

The Puritan legacy.( 2fs, 2cs.)  1972.  (E 169.1 .P85)

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Quality venipuncture: thekey to accurate results. (video) (RB 45. Q358 1998x)

Quality microcollection.(video) (RB 38 .Q3 1993x)

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The Rainmaker.(video) (PN 1995.9 .T75 J66 1998)

A Raisin in the sun.(video) (PS 3515. A515 R34 1988x)

Ramadan.(video) (BP 186.4 .R36 1999x)

Rape:  an act of hate.(video) (HV 6558 .R37 1993e)

The Rapid vocabularydevelopment program. (4 audiocassettes)1968 (P 305 .V63)

Reading comprehension andmore. (video) (LB 1051.45 .R43 1994x) (v. 14)

Reading  people.(video) (BF 637 .N66 R43x 1998)

Rebuilding the Americannation (1865-1890) .  (2fs,2cs) 1973 (E 668 .R4)

The Reckless years,1919-1929. (video 1981)  (HC 106.3 .R42)

Religious of the world(video) (BL 80.2.R455 1998x) (1-6)

Red pony(video) (1997.R41x)

Reel tips. (video)  (QA 76 .76 .O63 R435 1995) (c. 1-2)

The Reinvention rollercoaster: an action plan. (video)  (HD 58 .8 T699x 1997) (v.7)

Repercussions: a celebrationof African Influenced music.(video) (ML 350 .R47 2000x)

Resolving conflicts:  we canwork it out. (video) (HM 136 .R47 1995)

Resumes and cover letters.(video) (HF 5383 .N55 1998x)

The Resume remedy. (video) (HF 5383 .R47 1993)

Resumes that get attention,interviews that get offers. (video, cassette,Diskette) (HF 5383 .B87 1994)

Review of:(video) (RG 951. M373) (Location: HSC)

Female reproductivenursing - part 1

Reproductive nursing- part 2

Labor and deliver 1&2- part 3

Postpartal adaptationand reproductive risks - part 4

High risknewborn/gynecology - part 5

Richard Wright "black boy". (video) 1994 (PS 3545. R815 Z912 1994)

Right and lively (video)  (PE 1408.537)

The Rise of the Greekcivilization;  Greek thought. (video) (CB 245. W441 1989x)

Road kill on the informationhighway. (video) (TK 5105.5 .M93 1994x)

Robert Frost. (video) 1988 (PS 305 .V65 1988) (no. 5)

Robins, Lewis.  TheLiving method shorthand course. (2 audiocassette) 1960 (Z 53 .R62)

Robotics explained. (2fs, 4cs) 1983  (TJ 211 .R7)

Rockaby. Beckett.  (video) 1982 (PR 60003 .E282)

Roger Kennedy'srediscovering America.   (video) 1991(E 179. R634 1991)

The Romantic age in Englishliterature. (video) [198-?] (PR 1222 .R65)

Romeo and Juliet. (video) 1992 (PR 2831 .A23 1992)

Roots(video) (E 185.97 .H24. A332 1992x)  (Pt. 1-7)

Roots (video) (E 185.97 .H2 A332 1992x)  (Pt. 1-7)

Roots (video) (E 185.97 .H24 A331. 1992x)  (Pt. 1-6)

Roots Of Resistance(video) (E 450 .R61 1989x)

Roots, Rock, Reggae (video) (M1681. J3R63 1988x)

Rural communities. (video) (HN 59.2 .R865) (VOL. 1-13)

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Sales and motivation. (video)  1987 (HF 5438 .S24 1987)

Sam Walton.(video) (CT 275 .W3 S3 1997x) (2 copies)

The Sandwich generation. (HQ 755.86 .S26)

The Santee canal:  America'sfirst superhighway. (video) (F277. S56 1992)

SAT I{v. 1-6}.  (video)  (LB 2353 .57. W55X 1994) (2 copies)

Satchmo (video)  (ML 419. A75527 1989x)

Say it better:  fearlesspublic speaking. (video)(PN 4121 .S3)

Scarlet letter.(video) (PS 1868 .A21 1987x)

Schindler's list.(video) (PN 1997 .S31 352 1994x)

Schizophrenia.(video) (RC 514 .S 3344 1991)

Schizophrenia.(video) (RC 514 .S336 1999x)

Schrank, Jeffrey.  Rightand lively:  the art of descriptive writing. (1 cswith slides)  1977 (PE 1408 .S37)

The Scientific revolution(video) (Q 125 .S35)

Scrubbing, gowning, gloving(video) (RD 32.2.S37 1998)

Searl, John (video)  Whatshould an educated person know? (LB 2361.5 .J64 1994)

Selling yourself. (video) (HJ  5549.5 .I6 S4 1999x)

The Shakers.(video) (BX 9771. S43x 1994)

Shakespeare is alive andwell in the modern world. (video) [198-?] (PR 2894 .S52)

The Shakespeare mystery. (video) 1989 (PR 2947 .09 S46 1989)

A Shared set of values(video) (KF 3030.1 A75 S53 1997)

The Shawshank redemption (video recording)  (PN1997  .S539  1997)

Short cuts for the legaloffice. (video) (KF320 .A9 P47 1991x) (2 pts)

Smith, Valerie.  BlackAmerican literature.  (video) 1988 (PS 508 .N3 S55 1988x)

The Short story. (video) 1987 (PN 3373 .S6)

Simple justice   (video recording) (Kf4153.36 .S45 1993)

The silent hunger.(video) (RC 552 .E18 S553 1995x)

Single coloring: singleprocess technique.(video) (TT 973 .H3 1993)

The skin and its disorders(video) (TT972 .S54)

Small group discussions.(video) (LB 1032. S588)

So this is philosophy.(video) (BJ 101.2 .S6)

Social stratification.(video) (HT 609 .S6)

The Sonnets of William Shakespeare.  (video) 1987 (PR 2848 .S66)

Sophocles' "Oedipus Tyrannus".  (video) 1978 (PN1997 .028)

South Carolina counties. (video) (JS 451 .S65 S68 1995x)

Spanish commercials.(video) (PC 4112 .S46 1992)

Speak up, say no. (filmstrip)  (HV 713 .K7x)

Speaking with confidence.(video) (PN  4121. S653 1996x)

Spring, Manetta 1921-, Excursions international. (audiocassette) (Z 54. S67)

Standard deviants corecurriculum.(video) (PE 1067 .S73 2000x) (no. 1-10)

Stop wasting time (video) (TX 147.M32)

Streetcar named Desire.(motion picture) (PN 1997 .S77 1994x)

Streetwise. (video) 1984  (HV 6762 .S76)

Stress: keeping your cool.(video) (RA 790 .S7 1995)

Strong kids, safe kids. (video) 1984 (HQ 71.5 .S77)

Stroustrup, Bjarne  TheDesign of C++.  (video) (QA 76.73. C153 S776x)

Structured play.(video) (HQ 778.5 .S87 1995x)

Student survival skills. How to study and note taking skills II.

Test taking skills. (2 videos)  (LB 2395 .S7)

Study Skills: how to listen effectively.  (video) (LB 1049 .S78 1988)

Study Skills:  how to manageyour time. (video) (LB 1049 .H69 1988 c.2)

Study Skills:  how to read atextbook. (video) (LB 1050. H68 1989)

Study Skills:  how to takeessay tests. (video) (LB 1049 .H6 1988)

Study Skills:  how to takenotes  (video)(LB 2395 .H68  (c.1&2)

Study Skills:  how to usethe library (video) (Z 711. 2. H68 1989)

Success in the classroom. (2 videos)  1987  (LB 1049 .S9 1987)

Successful speaking.(video) (PN 4121 .S82 1998x) (2)

Surviving the back counter (video)  (GV200.5. W44 1997)

Surviving the dust bowl(video) (E169.1.1 P37 1998x)

Sylvia Plath. (video) 1988 (PS 305 .V65 1988 no. 9)

Swing (video) (ML 3506.59 1991)  (vol. 2,3,4)

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The tale of two rivers   (videorecording)  (TC556 .T34 2002)

Talking about touching:  apersonal safety curriculum.  (4 units with pictures) 1984 (HQ 71 .T354 1984)

Talking about touching withpreschoolers (video) (HQ 71 .T35 1983)

Tartuffe or the imposter. (video) 1984  (PQ 1842 .A4 R6 1984x)

Teaching the whole child inthe kindergarten.   (video) 1991(LB 1167 .T43)

Tech prep (video recording)  (120 TEC)

Techniques for teachingcritical thinking (video recording)  (BF441  .T43 1989x )

Terminal illness.(video) (RC 265.6 .T47 1995)

Therapeutic...issues in mentalhealth  (video)(RC 440 .T53 1994) (Location: HSC)

Empowering clientsin treatment setting. - vol. 1

Structuringeffective large group meetings. - vol. 2

Crossing the line:  the dilemma of staff-patient involvement - vol. 3

Thermal hair straightening.(video) (TT 972 .T4 1993x)

Theodore Roosevelt(video) (E 757.T.75 1996) (Pt. 1-2)

This is a test: this is onlya test.  (video) (LB 3060 .57 .T49 1992x)

This way to an A.(video) (LB 1049 .T48 1992x)

The time machine   (video recording)  PN1997 .T522 2002x)

A Time To Kill (video) (PS 3557 .R355 T5621996x)

Thomas Jefferson (video)  (QA 531. T9 1997)  (Pt 1-2)

Toddler hood.(video) (HQ 767.9 .D48) (no.17)

Toni Morrison.(video) 1994  (PS 3563 .08749 Z47 1994)

Toni Morrison. (video) 1992  (PS 3563 .0874 Z469 1992)

To catch a cloud. (video) 1983 (TD 196 .A25)

To kill a mockingbird. (video)  (PN 1997 .T5915 1998x)  (c.1&2)

Too smart for strangers. (video) 1985 (HQ 71 .T66)

The tragedy of Macbeth. (2 videos) 1981 (PR 2823 .A2 M32 1981)

Trains.(video) (TJ 603 .T72 1998x)

The transcendentalists. (2fs. 2cs.) 1980 (PS 217 .T7) (unit 3)

The twenties (video) (E 741. W3 T841988x)

Traction.(video) 1993 (RD 736 .T7 T73)

Transitions: choice formid-career changers.(video)  (HF 5384 .T7 1988)

Transitions:  plight of theolder worker(video) (HF 5384 .T7 1988)

The trail of Socrates. (video) (B 318 .T75 T75 1982)

Trenchless technology.(video) (TA 815 .T74 1992)

Trigonometry (video) (QA 531. T9 1997)(Pt. 1-2)

Truman:  a self-portrait. (video) 1984 (E 742.5 .T62 1984)

T.S. Elliot. (video) 1988 (PS 305 .V65 1988) (no.4)

Twentieth century poetry. (video)  (PN 3459 .l3 T9)

Twentieth century poetry. (2fs, 2cs) 1980 (PS 507 .T89)  (unit 9)

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The Unbiased mind. (video) (BF 449 .U73)

Uncle Tom's cabin. (video)  (PS 1006 .A75 U54 1988)

Unit ten:  twentieth centuryfiction.  (2fs.,2cs.)  1980 (PN 3459 .L3T9)

Understanding biases andassumptions. (video) (HD 4903 .U534 1991)

Understanding & interpretingfrequently ordered lab tests. (video) (RB38.2 .U6 1995) (Location: HSC)

       Liver function  test- no. 2

       Differential whiteblood count - no. 3

       Arterial blood gasesand red blood cells - no. 4

       Chemistry panel andrenal tests - no. 5

Using the Internet forresearch. (video)  (TK 5105.875.I57 U65 1990z)

Using samples. (video)  (QA 276 .W75 1996x)

Using what we know.(video) (LB 1511 .U8 1991x)

Utilitarianism.(video) (B843. U85 1986x)

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Valaques. (video)  (ND 813 .V4 V433 1991)

Valuing diversity: multicultural communication. (video) (HM 258 .V3)

Vendler, Helen Hennessy.  Modern American poetry. (video) 1988 (PS 3511 .V4 1988)

The video atlas of humananatomy  (video) (QM 25 .V53 1996x) (v.1-4)

Video tutor.(video) (PE 1404 .U5 1988x)

Video quiz (video) (PE 1450 C66)

Video quiz (video)   (PE 1450 C66 2000x) (C1-2)

Video quiz (video)  (1460.Q8 2000x)

Video quiz (video)  (PE 1574.W67 2000x)

Violence in the family. (video) 1978 (HV 741 .V5652)

Voices & visions.{v.3-6,9}.  (video)  (PE305 .V65 1988)

Volunteer activities count (video)  (HN43.V68 1998x)

Volpone.(video) (PN 1997.85 .V65 1996)

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Waiting for Godot.(video) (PQ 2603 .E378 .E53 1997)

Walden   (video) (PS 3048. AI2000x)

Walt Whitman:  poet for anew age.  (video)1985.  (PS 3231 .W32)   

 Walt Whitman: sweet birdof freedom. (video) (PS 3231 .W328 1997)

Welcoming all children.(video) (HV 854 .W44)

The Western tradition (video)  (CB 245 .R573 1989)

Westward expansion. (2fs, 2cs.)  1970 (E 179.5 .W42)

Wet hair styling(video)  (TT972.W41993x)

We've got to stop meetinglike this (video) (HF 5734.5. A5332 1996x)

Whaley & Wong's pediatricnursing video series: (video) (RJ 245 .W42) (Location: HSC)

Communicating withchildren and families - part 1

Pain assessment andmanagement - part 2

Growth anddevelopment - part 3

Medications andinjections - part 4

Family centered care- part 5

Pediatric assessment- part 6

What can you start?(video) (HF 5382 .W49 1999x)

What can we do aboutviolence? (video)  (HN 90.V5 W4 1995) (PT 1-2)

What should you expect aneducated person to know. (video) (LB 236 .5 J64 1994)

What is a short story? (video) 1980 (PN 3373 .W53)

What tadoo. (video) 1985  (PZ 7 .G37 wh.)

When can you start(video) (HF 5382 W49. 1999x)  (C.1)

When sex means trouble.(video) 1986 (HV 6558 .W83 1986)

When we where colored(video) (F 349. G54 T38 1995x)

Where have all the dressrules gone? (Video) (HF5389. S2 W43 1997) (v. 1 - 4)

In the white mans image (video recording)  (E97.5 .I58 1991x)

Why didn't I think of that(video) (BF 408 .W39 1990)

Who plays God? (video) (R 724 .W476 1996)

Whose child is this?(video) (RG 135.5 .P37)

Wilderness survival (video)  (GV 200 .5 .W44 1987)

William Styron:  a portrait. (video) 1989, 1982. (PS 3569 .T9 W56)

Willie learns the touchingrule.  (video)1987  (HQ 71 .W 544)

Wilson, August.  August Wilson.(video) (PS 3573 .I45677 Z463 1994)

Windows NT.(video) (QA 76.76 .W56 W56 1995x)

Witness to execution.(video) (HV 9475 .T4 W58 2000x)

Witness to history: thegreat depression. (video) 1986, 1987. (E 784.G73)

Women in rock (video) (M 1630 .W. 651991x)

Workteams and the Wizard ofOz   (videorecording)  (HD66  .W67  1993) (Reserve- Main)

The World of C++. (2 videos) 1991 (QA 76. 73. C153 W67 1991 Tape) (1 & 2)

The World of the goddess. (video)  (BL 473 .5 .W67 1990x)

The World of ideas (video) (BJ 192.A66)

World population issues. (video)  (HB 887.W67 1998x) Guide

A World of ideas: ethics inthe workplaces (video) (HF 5387 .E84 1994)

A World of ideas - AugustWilson.  (video)1994 (PS 3573 .I45677 Z462 1994)

Writing the speech.(video) (PN 4142 .W54 1994)

Wuthering heights. (video) 1987 (PN 1997 .W88)

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The Yellow wallpaper.(video) (PS 1744 .G57 Y45 1998B)

Yes, you can say no. (video) 1986  (HQ 71 .Y47 1985)

You and your parents: making it through the teen years. (video)(HQ 796 .Y6 1984)

Young children learning to manage asthma. (video) (RJ 436 .A8   Y68 1994x)

Young entrepreneurs. (video) (HD 62.7 .Y9 1999x)

Young Goodman Brown. (video) (PS 1872 .V63 1999x)

Young people concerts  (video) (ML 3928 .B489 1993x) (Pt 1-10)

Your positive attitude and motivation  (video) (BF 683.C651992x)

Your court system and you. (video) (KF 8700 .Y68 1995)

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