APA Sample Works Sited Page


Basic Format:

Author/Editor.  (Date).  Title.  (Edition)  Place of publication: Publisher.



Mitchell, T.R.  (1977).  People of the sea.  (2nd ed.)  South Carolina: Hangover Press.


Seagers, Felton.  (1998).  For the Love of Peace.  Journal of South Carolina People. 52, 56-98.


Sledge, Percy.  (1956).  Bay.  World Book.  (Vol. 2, pp. 15-32).  Temple:  Field Enterprise.

Brochures, Reports, Manuals, Audiovisual Media Format:

Author.  (Date ).  Title of work.  (Edition) [Brochurce/Pamplet].  Location:  Publisher.


(R. Whitefield, personal communication, December 15, 1999)

Electronic Media

Basic Format:

Author.  (Date).  Title of article.   [Electronic Version].  Title, volume number and page(s).  Retrival date and URL.

The reference should provide a document title or description, a date (either the date of publication or update or the date of retrival), and an address (URL).  Identify the author of the document.



Lance, P. (1999).  When the time comes.  Parents, pp. 3-6. Retrived May 15, 2002, from Infotrac database http://www.collection.com

Newspaper Article:

Lomax, Afrika. (1998, December 13).  The history of my people.  Juneteenth Sentinel. Retrived November 19, 2005, from http://www.nytimes.com.


Aid for children with ADD.  Report of the National Child Health Group.  Retrived December 24, 1980 from www.pete.org.

Discussion List:

Green, M.  (December 15, 1998).  Solinet group discounts.  Library Peer Group Discussion List Message posted February 10, 2003 to SCLDF@FGHBT.SC.US.

Publications Manual of the American Psychological Association (5th ed.).  (2001)  Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. www.apa.org