Can I borrow material from Francis Marion University or Coker College?

With a valid Florence Darlington Technical College identification card you may borrow material from Coker College or Francis Marion University. The rules of the borrowing institution must be followed.

How do I get a special borrower card?

Community residents with proper ID who receive special permission from the Library Director, Evening Librarian, or "designated LTA" will be issued a special borrower card.

What is my FDTC library card?

Your college identification card is also your library card. When checking out library materials, items will be checked out only to the person whose photo appears on the card.

How many books may be checked out?

Students may check out up to ten books at one time. Special borrowers may check out five books at one time.

How long may an item be checked out?

Library materials, unless otherwise stated, normally circulate for a period of three weeks and are due on or before the last date stamped in the book. If you need a book for a longer period of time, it may be renewed unless another person has requested it. Books may be renewed by telephone or online if they are not overdue.

What if you can't locate a book?

If you cannot find a book you need, notify the Circulation Staff, who will determine the status of the book. If the book is checked out, you may request to be contacted when the book is returned. If the book is not checked out, the staff will search for it and notify you when it is located.

What is interlibrary loan?

Materials needed but not found in our library may be borrowed from other libraries.

May I renew delinquent items?

Delinquent items may not be renewed over the telephone. Delinquent items must be returned before any other items are charged. Patrons are responsible for any lost or damaged print or non-print materials. Adequate clearance of financial obligations is necessary before registration or graduation. Delinquent items may be renewed upon return.

What happens if I lose or damage library material?

Patrons who lose library materials will be required to pay the cost of replacement (a minimum of $30), plus a $10.00 processing fee.

Where do I find reserve materials?

Reserve materials are found at the circulation desk. They must be requested by the course name or the faculty name. You must have a valid Florence Darlington Technical College ID to checkout reserve materials.

How do I log onto the computer?

Your college ID number is your user name and password the first time you log into a computer. You will then be allowed to set your password to be used for following logins.

How do I find a book?

On the library's web page (www.fdtc.edu/library) in the side bar on the left of the page click on OPAC-Catalog. The search page allows you to search by author, title, subject, call number or journal title for materials located in the FDTC libraries.

What do I need to checkout a laptop?

You must have a valid Florence Darlington Technical College ID to checkout a laptop reserve materials.

What do I need to print/copy?

A print card must be purchased from card dispensing machines located in all buildings. You can credit your card with any amount up to $20. Located near all copiers/printers are card readers

Can I check out a magazine/ periodical/ serial?

No, they may only be used in the library.

Where can I find an article?

Articles can be found using print copies of serials, electronic copies of serials or electronic databases.


The libraries are for research and study. The services we provide include copy facilities, borrowing privileges, study rooms, interlibrary loan, Internet access, off-campus access, reserves, audiovisual viewing rooms, and tours (see the library's web page for a complete list of services - www.fdtc.edu/library). It is expected that one patron will not infringe on the rights of other patrons. The following rules of conduct are to ensure the best and most fair use of the library for all our patrons. Please report any violations to a member of the Library Staff.


  1. Only quiet conversations that do not disturb others are permitted in study areas.
  2. Attire appropriate to a public building is required, including shoes.
  3. Children under fourteen (14) years of age must have adult supervision at all times.
  4. Use of tobacco products or alcohol is prohibited.
  5. Abusive, insulting or threaten language is not allowed.
  6. Silence in libraries is standard courtesy. Students guilty of disturbing others with loud talking, horseplay, disorderly or disruptive behavior, or cell phone use will be asked to refrain from the disturbing behavior, first. On the second offense they will be asked to leave.
  7. Verbal, physical, or sexual harassment is not allowed.
  8. Public Law 16-13-330 and 16-13-340 specifically deal with stealing, defacing or damaging books, serials, recordings, films, etc.

Persons who do not abide by the library policies may be asked to leave.

Personal Safety: Keep your belongings with you at all times. It might seem annoying to carry your bags, coats, and books around with you, but it is a minor inconvenience compared to their disappearance! We will not be responsible for personal items left in the library.

Disabled Students: We are always happy to make reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities.

Library Hours: The library maintains both day and evening hours to ensure that its services are widely available to members of the college community. Reference assistance is available during all operating hours. Hours vary during semester breaks and holidays.


  1. The maximum number of books a student may borrow is ten.
  2. FDTC students, faculty or staff must have their TECH ID. Community borrowers must show a picture ID to charge books.
  3. Items are loaned for a three-week period. Patrons are responsible for materials used and their proper return.
  4. Delinquent items may not be renewed over the telephone or online. Delinquent items must be returned before any other items are charged.
  5. Patrons are responsible for any lost or damaged print or non-print materials. Adequate clearance of financial obligations is necessary before registration or graduation.
  6. Patrons who lose library materials will be required to pay a replacement cost of no less than $30.00 plus a $10.00 processing fee per book.
  7. All books must be returned to the library by the end of each semester.
  8. Serials and newspapers must be used within the library.
  9. Reference books designated by REF above the classification number must be used within the library.
  10. Books placed on hold will be held for one week.


  1. Materials that have been designated by instructors for special use in particular class assignments are placed on reserve.
  2. Reserve materials must be requested at the circulation desk. These items are limited to the checkout period indicated by the instructors.
  3. Students must know the title of the reserve and the instructor's name to check out a reserve.
  4. The circulation staff will retain the student's ID card while the material is out. Items will be checked out only to the persons whose picture appears on the card.
  5. Holds will not be placed on reserve materials.
  6. All reserve items must be returned to the circulation desk. Do not return reserve items to the book drop.


These resources support the academic and personal needs of students, staff and faculty, as well as members of the business and industrial community.

  1. Public Access Catalog - Access to library holdings by author, title, subject, and keyword.
  2. Databases - Access to abstract and full text resources.
  3. E-Books and E-Journals - Access to full text books and journals.