This orientation is designed to provide general information regarding Admissions, Registration, the On-Line College, and other services available for students. Additional orientation material is presented to students enrolled in COL 103.  If you have any questions that are not addressed in this Orientation, please contact Amanda Brown, Student Activities and Perkins Coordinator, or Lamar Younginer, Director of Online College and Web Services.

Academic Calendar

See College Calendar.

Academic Support Services

The Success Center provides academic support and preparation services to all FDTC Students. These services include: individual and group tutoring in core and advanced courses, counseling, and academic needs workshops. Students also have access to computers, instructional resources, anatomy models, printers, Internet sites, laptops, and various others supplemental tools and instruction. For more information, call the Success Center at 843.661.8281 or visit the Center in Room 300 in the 300 Building.

Advising and Registration

All students are assigned an Academic Advisor once they are admitted to the college by the Admissions Office.  If you are not sure which courses to take, you may meet with an advisor. If you know which courses you need, you may register online through Web Advisor.

Attendance Policy

See Attendance Policy.


See Lamplighter Bookstore.

Business Office

The Business Office is located in the 5000 Building on the second floor and the Phone Number is (843) 661-8311. The Business Office is open from 8:00am until 5:30pm Monday through Thursday and 8:00am until 11:30am on Friday.

E-Mail Policy

Improper use of e-mail will not be tolerated at FDTC.  If it is discovered that a student at FDTC is improperly using e-mail - to harass another student or instructor, to send improper or inappropriate material to other students or employees - proper disciplinary actions will be taken against the student(s) involved.

For online courses, it is the responsibility of the student to initiate contact with the instructor.  If a student fails to contact his or her instructor within the first week of classes he will be dropped from the course. 

English Fluency Requirements for Faculty

It is the policy of FDTC to employ means to ensure that faculty members possess adequate proficiency in writing and speaking the English language.  Provisions are made for grievance procedures for students regarding the English fluency of an instructor.

Financial Aid and Student Loans

See Financial Aid.

Grade Policy

See Grade Policy.

Hardware Requirements and User Skills

Students taking courses online should have regular access to a computer - PC or Mac.  These computers should have the minimum requirements of 512 MB ram and 4 GB of free hard drive space after installing all software.  Students using older PC's without these requirements could experience some problems with the assignments. 

We recommend that students be familiar with using various software applications such as word processors and web browsers.  You may also be required to download and install software on your computer as well as attach assignments to your e-mails.

Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) Department provides technical support services for all academic programs and administrative services at the College.  IT works closely with the College Administration and faculty to ensure that FDTC meets the needs of our students and local industries in the area of computer technology.

All computer resources and facilities of FDTC are to be used solely for legitimate and authorized academic, instructional, research, administrative, and public service purposes.  IT is responsible for loading, maintaining, and controlling access to the software on the network.  The loading of ANY department software to the network servers is to be done with approval and assistance of IT personnel.


Anyone visiting the campus of Florence-Darlington Technical College must have a parking permit, either permanent or temporary.  Parking decals are made available to all students (as part of the student activity fee) and are available at the Security station at the main entrance of the campus.  Students  that need access to a disabled student parking permit will need to obtain one from the Student  Services Office, Room 111 in the 100 Building.

Refund Policy

See Refund Policy.

Registrar Services

See Registrar Services.


For more information please visit the registration page.

For more information on Dual-Enrollment please visit the dual-enrollment registration page.


See Student Right-To-Know And Campus Security Act.

Student Services

See Student Services.

Student Employment Services

See Student Employment Services.


What is a syllabus?

A syllabus is a contract between you and your instructor.  It outlines what is expected of you and what the instructor plans on covering in the class.  View an online syllabus here.

Tutorial Services

See Student Services.

Web Browsers and Computer Software

The Online College at Florence-Darlington Technical College recommends that a student use either Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Netscape's Communicator browser software.  FDTC will not guarantee the compatibility of other browser software with the College's website.

Taking courses online will require some basic software.  The first is a word processor.  Any word processor will be sufficient; however, you may want to check with your instructor to determine what format you will need to use when you save your work.  The best way to ensure that your work can be received and read by your instructor is to save your work as a text file. Some courses may require the Adobe Acrobat Reader.  This is free software that can be downloaded at Adobe's website, www.adobe.com.  Other software may be required so check the course syllabus to determine ahead of time what may be required.