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The following jobs are currently available for the Machine Tool/CNC curriculum...

Trades Specialist II 2B (11-20-14 TSII) - Richland, SC

Status: OPEN
Hours: Shift work
Salary: $23,024-$32,667
Counselor: Renee Woodberry
Phone: 8076
Job Description
Perform manual labor in building catch basins, pouring for curbs and raised medians, laying pipes for driveways and other drainage structures, repairing shoulders, clearing of right-of-ways, and repairing bridges. Trains to operate a 5-yard standard dump truck and flatbed truck for hauling materials such as asphalt, limestone, dirt, soil, cement, pipe, construction materials, and debris. Repairs potholes and base surface failures of roadway using hand tools such as shovel, pick, rake and asphalt. Assists in maintaining proper traffic controls while maintenance operation is in progress.
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