Getting Started - General Info

FDTC was the first college in South Carolina to offer complete programs via the Internet.  If your personal situation, such as your job, health, or family obligations, prevent you from attending college on campus, the Online College provides you the opportunity to receive a certificate or degree and reach your educational goals.  Remember, you may also take online courses even if you attend on-campus classes in other curriculums.

Current Online Programs

Benefits and Points of Interest

Online classes require almost no regular class attendance. (Students will be required, at a minimum, to come to FDTC or other approved location for a supervised final exam.)  Students register for online classes just as they would for on-campus classes.  However, students "attend" by logging into their courses from a computer at home or work.  Assignments are displayed on the web, as are instructor's lectures, study notes, and other course materials, such as multimedia and self-assessments.  Students submit assignments via e-mail or file transfer, they participate in online discussion groups, and take assessments within the Learning Management System.  Although students must follow a schedule of assignment submission, they work at a time and a place convenient to them.  Generally, students attend campus only for supervised testing or labs.  Students living out of the area may obtain a proctor for their supervised testing.  You must have a GPA of 2.0 or better in order to take online classes. 

Policy and Procedure

Students will log into the course area, receive assignments from the online course materials, and depending upon the particular course, submit work and receive evaluation via e-mail, file transfer, or other electronic means, participate in class discussions via online conferencing, and use multimedia resources and the Internet.  Read the Online College Policy Statement and Student Self-Evaluation.

The below listed documents pertain to all FDTC online courses and constitute the policies and procedures to be followed by students and the College.  Decisions by the college regarding your status will be based upon these documents.