Off-Campus Programs

Academic Programs for Business and Industry

FDTC provides academic courses for employees, on site at the business location, as well as on our campuses.  The program has been developed to provide employees the opportunity to continue their education around a schedule which is appropriate to their work.  The employee has the same privileges as a regular student on our campus.

Each employee, who wishes to enroll in a class, must complete an application for admission to FDTC and meet all requirements for acceptance to a program of study.  A person who does not wish to enter a curriculum program may enter as an undeclared student and take up to, but no more than 15 credit hours in selected courses.

High School Dual Credit

FDTC provides academic courses on site at high schools and also on FDTC campuses for selected juniors and seniors. Any student under the age of 18 must submit a letter of permission from their high school principal or home-school principal on school letterhead to the Admissions Office prior to enrolling in the college. This program has been developed to provide students the opportunity to begin their college education, while still in high school. The student may be eligible to receive both college and high school credit for each course satisfactorily completed. In addition, high schools set the schedule which best suits the needs of their students. Each 3 credit hour course must be taught for a total of 45 instructional hours plus an exam. Students have the same privileges as any regular student on our campus.

Each student is required to complete an application for admission into the General Studies Certificate program via the FDTC college website at All high school students are required to pay for their textbook(s) and tuition; however, the college fees and the technology fees are waived. Lottery funds are also available for high school dual credit students to help offset the costs of tuition when an approved student is taking more than one course within a term.

Click here to view the Dual Enrollment Program information and courses offered.


It is understood that FDTC does not guarantee the transfer of courses to any other school, college or university, except where articulation agreements have been developed.  Furman University will not accept college courses taught on a high school campus.  If a student is planning to attend a public or private college in SC or a college outside of SC, please contact that institution regarding transfer courses.