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The numbers at the far right across from the course title signify important information about the course. The first number is the lecture hours; the second number is the lab hours; and the third number is the total credit hours.

For most curriculum transfer courses, the appropriate Reading score is Compass Reading 81, SAT Verbal 480, ACT Verbal 20 or ASSET Reading 42; the appropriate Writing Score is Compass Writing 78, SAT Verbal 480, ACT Verbal 20 or ASSET Writing 46; and the appropriate Math Score is Compass Algebra 60, SAT Math 490, ACT Math 20 or Asset Numerical Algebra 49.

Required prerequisite courses and/or developmental courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or better.

Geographic Mapping Tools (GMT)

GMT  115  Fundamentals of Cartography & Photogrammetry/Imaging    (4-0-4)     View Syllabi

This course is a study of the introduction to the principles of map construction and the use of aerial photography and imaging technologies in map preparation, a review of map compilation and symbolization, projections and coordinate systems, use of maps, photography and imaging products to present thematic information.

Prerequisite(s): GMT 101