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Nursing - Practical Nursing (Fall Admission) Diploma

Health and Sciences Division

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The mission of the Practical Nursing Program is to prepare practical nursing students to be competent, vocational caregivers through a dynamic curriculum and clinical experiences which provide the requisite skills and knowledge for state licensure so that the basic nursing care needs are met in a structured healthcare setting.


The Practical Nursing program prepares students for a vocation requiring intellectual, interpersonal, and psychomotor skills that are based upon biological, behavioral, and humanistic principles. Graduates of the Practical Nursing program are prepared to work in a variety of settings including hospitals, clinics, long term care facilities, and out-patient centers. Upon completion of the program, the student is eligible to apply to take the licensure boards for Licensed Practical Nursing Practice.The mean salary for a LPN is $33,000 annually.

Accreditations, Approvals, and Certifications

This program has been approved by the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensure, & Registration State Board of Nursing (South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation Board of Nursing  Synergy Business Park; Kingstree Building  110 Centerview Drive; Suite 202  Columbia,  SC  29210  803.896.4550 ) .

NOTE: The LLR Board of Nursing may deny licensure to graduates of nursing programs based on evidence of unlawful acts, incompetence, unprofessional conduct, or other misconduct. Background checks and drug screening will be requested prior to nursing clinical courses. Successful completion of this program does not ensure nursing licensure. Prior charges may preclude a student from eligibility for entering the clinical and from applying to take the NCLEX exam.

Program Entrance Requirements

Course Level Required Courses
High School

Algebra I, Biology, Chemistry with lab, Computers

(Recommended: Biology with lab)

College None

NOTE:  A grade of "C" or better is required for each prerequisite course.

Other Required

Diploma or GED


Approval/Permission Needed -- Application Process

Departmental Approval


Prior Experience/Observation

Mandatory attendance at a Nursing Information Session is required.


Minimum Cumulative GPA  of 2.0


Current CPR Certification

by American Heart Association or American Red Cross


First Aid Certification No

Hepatitis B Immunization

or Signed Informed Refusal or Titer


MMR Immunization or Titer


Chicken Pox Vaccination or Titer


Two-step PPD / Chest X-Ray


Medical Examination

Forms are provided by the college and should be current (within one year) and complete.


Dental Examination

Forms are provided by the college and should be current (within one year) and complete.

Dental health must meet departmental standards.


Technical Standards

Forms are provided by the college and should be current (within one year) and complete.


Negative Drug Screen


Satisfactory Background Check


Other Diplomas, Licensures, etc.


Recent Photograph

Photograph will not be returned.


Academic Standards

Standard Criteria Required

Courses requiring a grade of "C" or better

Any course with one of the following prefixes: ALL


Courses that may not be attempted more than twice

Any course with one of the following prefixes: PNR


Complete or Maintain CPR Certification

by American Heart Association or American Red Cross


Curriculum Completion Requirement

24 months


Drug Calculation Competency

Students must demonstrate drug calculation competency each semester in order to progress in curriculum courses.


Dismissal Policy

A student who receives a grade below "C" for any two or more PNR courses will be dismissed from the program and will not be eligible to re-enter the program.


Re-entry Policy

A FDTC or non-FDTC nursing student must petition the Nursing Admission and Advisement Committee regarding potential re-entry.


Agency Requirements

Students in health majors must meet the published clinical agency requirements when participating in assigned labs. Requirements include immunizations, background checks, and drug testing. To be in compliance with Article, 23, Section 44-7-2920 of the S.C. Code of Law, all students enrolled in AHS 141, DAT 154, DHG 154, HIM 102, MED 102, MLT 110, NUR 160, NUR 201, PNR 110, RAD 101, RES 101, and SUR 101 must complete the requirements listed above prior to being assigned to any direct care entity. Results of the background check/drug screening could affect the student's ability to complete required clinical rotations and/or become credentialed. For example, a felony conviction could make a student ineligible to take the licensing exam(s) required by the profession or prevent the student from participating in the clinical training component.

Graduation Requirements

  • Complete all required courses specified in the curriculum.
  • Fulfill all financial obligations to the College.
  • Achieve a cumulative final GPA of 2.0.
  • Earn at least 25 percent of the total credit hours of his/her curriculum at FDTC.  Exceptions can be made only by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Program Specific Notes

Students who complete Practical Nursing curriculum receive a Diploma in Health Sciences and become eligible to apply to take NCLEX-PN to become Licensed Practical Nurses.

Testing: A testing fee will be charged to students each semester to cover the cost of tests.

Withdrawals: A withdrawal (W) from a PNR course constitutes an attempt and will count as one failure to complete the course. Any student who makes a grade lower than "C" on two PNR courses will be terminated from the curriculum.

Class is selected based on academic records.