Human Services

Human Services Program Description

The Human Services Program of Florence-Darlington Technical College is dedicated to providing the community with graduates to provide services that include: direct and indirect client care, assess client needs, lead group activities, assist clients in need of counseling and/or crisis management , act as a liaison for family members, provide emotional support, and treatment plan participation.

Our graduates are employed by state and local government agencies, individual and family services providers, emergency and relief services, as well as, residential mental retardation, mental health, and substance abuse facilities.

The program is designed to be completed in seven (7) semesters for full-time day students and nine (9) semesters for night students. Often, our students must proceed at a pace that is geared to their life situations and part-time is best suited. Regardless of the student's status every element possible is provided for completion. The basic core courses are offered every Fall and Spring term for new students.

The curriculum provides fifteen semester hours of general education courses, six hours of sociology content, and forty eight hours of content that blends theories, skills, and experience from courses that are human service grounded and psychology based. (pages 44-48 of the 2012-2013 catalogs).

The HUS program is always willing to meet the needs of community agencies. To that end the program offers the Human Services-Early Childhood Development Option. This associate degree was implemented to meet the needs of area preschool centers. In addition of including the human service core courses there are seven ECD prefixed courses that includes a field placement experience designed especially for early child. The ECD courses are in lock-step allowing the student to move from the certificate, to diploma, to the associate degree.