Human Services

Human Services Student Demographics and Statistics

The number of students in the Human Services program has shown rapid growth in the last five years. During the fall 2009 semester, there were nearly 130 students for the A.A.S. degrees. During the fall 2012 semester, there were over 290 students enrolled for the A.A.S. degrees. Our program has an excellent retention rate averaging around 90 percent from 2009-2012.

The number of graduates in the Human Services program has continued to grow. In 2009, there were 30 graduates and it increased to 58 graduates in 2012.

Our Human Services student population includes a cross-section of varied cultural and economic backgrounds. During the fall 2012 semester, 75 percent of the students were black, 19 percent were white, and 7 percent were of other races/ethnicities. The age range is 18 to 65 years of age. The students are predominately female (approx. 90 percent) and a large number attend part-time (approx. 60 percent).

For the academic year 2012-2013 the program had 12 honor graduates, 7 Phi Theta Kappa inductees, and 23 award winners during college's Honors Night Program.

The Human Services Program at Florence Darlington has active articulation agreements with Coker College and Limestone College, the two private four year institutions in the area that offer a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work. In addition, there is a common state wide agreement between the two year and the four year state institutions that lists the courses that are transferrable between the two entities.

The Human Services program routinely averages 85-90 percent of our graduates who are employed in a human service related occupation, pursuing a four year degree, or are in both categories.