Nursing Program - FAQs

Q:  What GPA is required?

A: The minimum GPA of 2.0 is required for entrance into the practical nursing program. A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required for entrance into the LPN to ADN Transition and the Associate Degree Program. A GPA of 2.0 is required to remain in all nursing curriculums.

Q:  Is there a separate entrance exam for the nursing curriculum?

A: Yes, The TEAS test is required with a proficiency level of achievement.

Q:  Is there a separate Practical Nurse (PN) program?

A:  Yes.  The PN Program is offered in the Fall semester and is a three semester curriculum.

Q:  Do you offer a nursing assistant program?

A:  A Nursing Assistant program is offered through Continuing Education. Please call 843.413.2715 for additional information.

Q:  Are nursing courses offered at night, or is there a part-time option?

A:  Most nursing courses are offered during the day.  Nursing clinical lab hours vary, including evenings and weekend, and are determined by faculty assignment. All nursing courses must be taken in sequence.  While most semesters of nursing courses are not a full-time credit load, the work required to be successful is certainly a full-time commitment.  If a student must work full-time to meet financial obligations, we suggest planning nursing studies carefully with advisors.  If part-time is requested in writing in advance, the Department Chair will approve on an individual basis.

Q:  How do I know who my advisor is, and how do I schedule an advisement appointment?

A:  Each nursing student or prerequisite nursing student is assigned a nursing advisor based on the first letter of your last name.  Approximately one week before pre-registration and advisement for continuing students, a list of advisors and advisees and appointment times are posted in the hallway outside of the Nursing Department at the HSC.  Advisement will be done by appointment only and will be held in the faculty offices located in the Health Sciences Building at the corner of Cheves and Coit Streets in Florence.

Q:  What is the "3 strike" rule?

A:  Students are required to pass all curriculum courses with a "C" or better.  A NUR/PHM/PNR course with a grade of less than "C" results in a strike and must be repeated.  See each nursing program for specific strikes.  See specific nursing program for repeating curriculum course.