Civil Engineering Technology - Civil Program of Study

Occupation Description

Civil engineering technicians apply the principles and theories of science, engineering and mathematics to solve problems in construction, manufacturing, sales, surveying, customer service and research and development. Most civil engineering technicians work regular hours in laboratories, offices, or on construction sites. Civil engineering technicians may work in testing, planning and supervision. They work on infrastructure including roads, bridges, tunnels, sewage systems, subways, airports, buildings, and water supply systems.

The two-year degree program is designed to prepare civil engineering technicians for a broad-based education that gives the student a number of career choices.

Florence-Darlington Tech is a great place to learn skills, hands-on. The classes are just the right size for learning. No one is left out. I especially liked the fact that my instructors not only kept track of my progress in their class, but all of my classes. Florence Darlington Technical College is the ideal place for anyone who is looking to learn a trade or further their career. Shellon Forte - CET graduate - U.S. Group, Inc, Columbia, SC

Shellon Forte image; EGT graduate

Employment Opportunities

Some graduates continue towards the Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering Technology or Civil Engineering, and towards licensing as land surveyors and/or professional engineers. Entry-level jobs include structural detailer, construction inspector, construction technician, draft person, engineering aide, highway technician, and etc.

While married, working a fulltime job as a security officer, attending FD Tech fulltime and working work study, wasn't the easiest thing I've ever done , however it was one of my better decisions and accomplishments. The CET curriculum prepared me for a rewarding career in the construction industry as a Materials Technician/ Quality Control Supervisor. James Horton - Civil Engineering Technology - Quality Control for APAC Atlantic

Individuals may become a civil engineering technician in a two- year program by obtaining an associate degree in civil engineering technology. Job opportunities are available in industries, private engineering firms, and government agencies.

Earnings and Advancement

Earnings depend on the type of agency and specialty. Junior technicians work under the supervision of registered civil engineers, making about $24,000 per year. Civil engineering technicians with more experience earn about $38,000. Supervisory or senior level positions earn about $64,000.

I'm ready to have a job so my mama doesn't have to pay for my bills and wanted to meet new people. William Gasque - Civil Engineering Technology.

Program Offerings

Civil Engineering Technology

The Civil Engineering program offers an Associate Degree in Engineering Technology. This program uses classroom and laboratory experience to prepare graduates to work as civil engineering technicians. Graduates are prepared to work in construction and in related fields in the areas of surveying, entry-level management, and inspection.

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