Civil Engineering Technology - Graphics Program of Study

Occupation Description

Engineering graphics technicians learn and expand their ability to communicate graphically the principles and theories of science, engineering and mathematics. They also help solve problems in research and development, manufacturing, building design and construction, sales and customer service.

Florence Darlington Technical College has helped me define my career path. Completing my degree has giving me the confidence to approach all my goals with the idea of success. Sherrie Hoffman - Engineering Graphics graduate - Struthers-Dunn

Sherrie Hoffman image; EGT graduate

Employment Opportunities

Engineering graphics technicians are able to find jobs in private engineering firms as Computer Assisted Design (CAD) operators and technicians working with engineers and designers. There are also many jobs available in manufacturing performing CAD duties and other technical work. Also, government agencies at the state and local levels may use engineering graphics technicians to assist building officials in construction plans review and building inspections. Most engineering graphics technicians work regular hours in professional offices or manufacturing settings.

David Bailey image; EGT graduate

I was one of those people that thought that technical school was only for those who did not aspire for a four-year degree or did not have the grades to attend one. After I graduated from Clemson University with a B.S. in Marketing, I realized the difficulty in finding a job in the real world; especially a job that I enjoyed doing. After a few years of searching, I realized my desire to work in construction or the design of construction; but I did not have the skills to achieve that desire. After some searching, I found that I could learn the skills and be prepared to start a new career with a degree in Engineering Graphics Technology from FDTC. Two years later, I graduated from FDTC with the knowledge and skills I needed and with a job. Today, my experience from FDTC is the foundation for my success at Key Collins Architecture. I now realize that technical school is a great opportunity for anyone to gain the necessary skills and experience to obtain a quality career. David T. Bailey - EGT graduate - Key Collins Architecture

Earnings and Advancement

Earnings depend on the type of agency and specialty. Junior technicians work under the supervision of manufacturing engineers, professional engineers in the civil, mechanical or electrical areas or licensed architects starting at about $27,000 per year. Engineering graphics technicians with more experience earn about $35,000. Supervisory or senior level positions may earn up to $60,000.

Going back has been wonderful. The people, the classes and teachers are great. I'm so glad I came back. La'Terence Graham - Eng Graphics

LaTerence Graham image; EGT student

Individuals may become an engineering graphics technician in a two- year program by obtaining an associate degree in engineering graphics technology. Job opportunities are available in industries, private engineering firms, and government agencies.

Program Offerings

Engineering Graphics Technology

The engineering graphics program offers an Associate degree in Engineering Technology. This program uses classroom, laboratory and real experience to prepare students for work as engineering technicians, drafting technicians and CAD operators. Graduates may be employed in a variety of industries involved in the design and manufacture of products and construction.

Computer-Assisted Drafting (certificate program) 

The CAD Certificate is designed to meet the increasing need for Computer-Assisted Drafters in our service area. Also, the program functions as a feeder program for Engineering Graphics Technology. Students who need additional confidence to handle the rigor of the engineering technology curriculum can begin their higher education with the CAD certificate and then transfer to the Engineering Graphics Technology without loss of credit.

Engineering Graphics (certificate program)

This certificate provides training in Basic and Intermediate AUTOCAD drawing while completing the transitional course requirements.

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