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Think about it! Technology is everywhere - your cell phone, the TV, the computer-controlled ignition in your car, that expensive sound system you'd like to have in your car. Technology is a part of everyday life and you can make it work to your advantage. If you want a great career doing interesting things and making a good living, take a look at what's going on in engineering technology.

Think about the people you know and see every day who already have high-tech jobs:

People in engineering technology careers get to learn about all kinds of technology.

And talk about a challenge! Manufacturing, research, development, quality control and repair, and design are just some of the areas involved. Now that sounds promising!

Let's not forget the money. The techs make $18 an hour and they're on the way up! The technology fields are challenging but they have big rewards.

This is technology and it's changing everyday - a new computer game, a new car, and things no one's even dreamed of yet. It takes work but with the right education you can get in on the future today - your future - you can dream about it, design it, and make it happen. You have the interest and the ability in you, and they're just screaming to get out. It's all about the future - and you want to be a part of it. So, where do you go from here? Florence-Darlington Technical College is your connection. Come see us and we'll get you started on your way. For more information on an exciting career in engineering contact:

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