Student Code for the South Carolina Technical College System

It is the policy of Florence-Darlington Technical College to provide due process procedures for students in matters relating to student discipline.   Technical college students are members of both the community at large and the academic community.  As member of the academic community, students are subject to the obligations which accrue them by virtue of this membership.  As members of the larger community of which the college is a part, students are entitled to all rights and protection accorded them by the laws of that community.

By the same token, students are also subject to all laws, the enforcement of which is the responsibility of duly constituted authorities.  When students violate laws, they may incur penalties prescribed by legal authorities.  In such instances, college discipline will be initiated only when the presence of the student on campus will disrupt the educational process of the college.  However, when a student's violation of the law also adversely affects the college's pursuit of its recognized educational objectives, the college may enforce its own regulations.  When students violate college regulations, they are subject to disciplinary action by the college whether or not their conduct violates the law.  If a student's behavior simultaneously violates both college regulations and the law, the college may take disciplinary action independent of that taken by legal authorities.

Section I of the Student Code Manual includes the following sections:

  1. General Rights of Students
  2. Student Government and Student Organizations
  3. Proscribed Conduct
  4. Rules of Student Disciplinary Procedure and Sanctions
  5. Procedures for Hearings Before the Student Appeals Committee

Section II contains the following information on the Student Grievance Procedure for the South Carolina Technical College System:

  1. Purpose
  2. Definitions
  3. Procedures
  4. The Student Grievance Committee

Click here if you would like to review and/or print the entire South Carolina Student Code and Student Grievance Procedure Manual. For additional information or clarification concerning anything contained in this Manual, go to the Registrar Services Office in the 100 Building of the College.

Click here to view/print the Student Complaint Resolution Chart.