Intl Students

International Students - More Info


An international student must attend the College full-time for at least a year before a request for employment is allowed.  You must document urgency of financial need with extenuating circumstances.  The Immigration and Naturalization Service grant approval of authorization to work.

International Student Housing

International students must make arrangements for their own housing within the FDTC area.  The College does not provide living accommodations.

Maximum Period of Enrollment

An international student is expected to complete a program in the most expeditious manner possible, generally in two years. Three years of post-secondary enrollment is the maximum permitted.

Regulations for International Students

International students should become familiar with the regulations of the Immigration and Naturalization Service and assume responsibility for complying with test regulations as well as college regulations on student conduct and enrollment and comply with those regulations.  A student who drops below full-time enrollment is subject to removal from the College.  The Immigration and Naturalization Service will be notified in such cases.

Types of Visas

Students with visas other than F-1 and M-1 status may be eligible for admission subject to approval of the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Services.  If admitted, such students will be subject to out-of-country tuition.

International Student Services

The Admissions Office is responsible for all immigration related matters, as well as programming for the international community.  In addition, advisors are available to counsel and direct students in a wide variety of personal and academic areas.  We promote multi-cultural awareness through a wide variety of activities.  Students are encouraged to visit the Admissions  Office on a regular basis and get to know the staff.  We would like all international students to feel comfortable about discussing their problems with the advisors in a confidential and positive atmosphere.