How To Transfer to FDTC

  1. Applications will remain in active status for one year from the date of application.
  2. FDTC admits transfer students regardless of standing or status at the previous institution.  Students are admitted to our institution based on the entrance requirements for our specific programs.
  3. Testing may be waived if  30 semester hours, including transferable English and Math courses, have been completed with a "C" or better grade from an accredited U.S. college.
  4. Transfer students with an associate or higher degree will be exempt from submitting a high school transcript unless it is necessary to provide proof of prerequisite courses or graduation for some majors.
  5. Transfer credit will be awarded by the Registrar after acceptance and prior to the end of the first semester of enrollment.
  6. At least 25 percent of the total semester hours of a student's curriculum must be earned at FDTC for a degree or diploma.
  7. A grade of "C" or better is required to receive transfer credit.