Publicity & Posters


All off-campus publicity concerning activities and events sponsored by FDTC organizations must be approved by the Coordinator of Student Activities and the Director of Media Relations.  Requests should be made to the Student Activities Office well in advance of an event.


Posters and advertisements must be approved by the Director of Media Relations (843.661.8240, Room 5208).  Posters must be placed in designated areas and must be removed the day after the event by the individual or group sponsoring the advertised program.  Special regulations concerning posters, banners, and billboards for election purposes are distributed by the Election Committee Chairman when a candidate files. General areas where posters may be displayed include: bulletin boards in the Student Center and classrooms where school material is not displayed.  Posters may NOT be placed on doors, windows, painted or non-painted walls, wallpaper, wood or paneled walls. The display of posters and such include the following regulations:

  1. During an election, posters should be neatly affixed with masking tape on surfaces other than bulletin boards, painted or wallpapered walls or painted railings.
  2. During an election, posters must be removed within 24 hours of returns except in cases of a run-off.
  3. General posters must be removed within 24 hours of a scheduled event.
  4. Signs for clubs and organizations will be poster size. College posters may be larger.
  5. All posters must indicate a removal date.