Student Support Services (SSS) -- Services

Academic Support

Meet with your Counselor to plan a course to complete your chosen field of study.  For programs with assigned advisors, your Counselor works with your advisor to make a course plan that's right for you. Counselors help you in formulating your Individualized Education Plan, that can help in completing your goals.  One-on-one tutorial services are available through a qualified SSS tutor.

Personal Support

Your Counselor can provide assistance with personal problems and decision-making. You can have the one-on-one help you may need to successfully navigate the rough waters of juggling home, work and school. Your Counselor can help you gain a new perspective or just blow-off steam.

Career Assessment

Counselors can work with you in exploring careers/occupations that match your skills, interests and values. If you are having difficulty choosing a career path, your Counselor will refer you to the Career Resource Center for additional exploration and research.

Financial Aid Assistance

Student Support Services Counselors have a working knowledge of Federal Financial Aid guidelines and coordinate with the Office of Student Aid to ensure that you have all the information you need to maximize your Financial Aid options. Counselors can assist you with online FAFSA completion or corrections, course selection to ensure continued financial aid, or help you with planning your educational budgeting.

Cultural Enrichment Activities

As a part of ensuring that you have an opportunity to participate in a wide variety of educational experiences, SSS encourages all of its members to attend at least one of our planned events per semester. FDTC's program has arranged for students to attend Florence Little Theater productions, International Festival, Arts Alive, an opera at Spoleto Festival in Charleston, and much more. All free of charge to participating students. Contact your Counselor to sign up for an event or two!


We also offer a wide variety of workshops to help you with academic and personal growth. Topics include: Financial Aid Information, Time Management, Stress Management, Personal Budgeting, Study Skills, and many others. Contact your Counselor to sign up for any workshops you may need.

College Tours and Transfer Assistance

As a part of our purpose, we encourage all interested and qualified students to consider transferring to regional 4-year colleges and universities to continue their educations. Your Counselor can help you plan for and complete all the necessary steps to ensure a less complicated transfer to the school of your choice and connect you with any support services you may need. We have a variety of catalogs and also arrange free group tours of several regional colleges and universities, including: USC, SC State, Coker, FMU and Coastal Carolina, to name a few. Contact your Counselor to sign up for the school tour of your choice.