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The following jobs are currently available for the Industrial Maintenance curriculum...

Maintenance Superintendent (1-20-15 MS) - Florence, SC

Status: OPEN
Hours: M-F some weekends
Salary: $41,328/yr
Counselor: Renee Woodberry
Phone: 8076
Job Description
An associate's degree in electronics and instrumentation, or a related field, and five (5) years experience. Must have knowledge of specialized electronics theory, circuit design, operation, maintenance, be able to repair various types of electronic equipment; perform electrical troubleshooting, pump maintenance and performance, have knowledge of variable frequency drives, soft starts, programmable logic controls (PLC) and instrumentation. Will work both independently and as part of a team and maintaining equipment associated with wastewater treatment plants, calibration and repair of instruments; and any other duties required to meet the objectives of the City. Position will require technical supervision of maintenance, mechanical and electrical personnel, as well as providing technical assistance on unusual or complex assignments. Position will review work and materials to ensure quality; prepare cost and material estimates and ensure that employees are informed of, and comply with, safety regulations, operations, policies, and personnel regulations. Valid SC driver's license required.
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