Technical Support

We strive to provide seamless technologies that are reliable, consistent and easy for every student to use. There are times, however, when technology breaks and we need to provide some additional assistance.

Below you will find helpful information on the most frequently asked questions for FDTC Technology.

What is my FDTC Email Address?

Your FDTC email address is the most important account you will receive at FDTC as it is the gateway to all of our systems. If you do not know your FDTC email address, use our FDTC Email Address Recovery Tool to have it sent to the personal email address associated with your student or staff record.

How do I set up my FDTC Email Account or change my password?

The first thing you’ll need when setting up your FDTC email account or changing your password is your FDTC email address. If you already have your FDTC email address, setting up your account and choosing a password is a breeze. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the FDTC Recover Account Tool
  2. Enter your FDTC email address in the first box and complete the Security Code box displayed in the image in the second box, and then click the blue next box.
  3. Choose if you would like to receive a verification code by email, text or call.
    • If you choose Text or Call you will need to know the masked (***) phone number and enter it
    • Click, Email, Text or Call
  4. Enter a brand new password for your FDTC email account
    • Your password must be at least 8 characters, have upper and lower case letters, a number and a symbol.
  5. Your FDTC email account is now set up and ready to use! You will use this account and password to access all of FDTC’s computers and applications.
What if I no longer have access to the phone number or email addresses used for account verification?

We can reset your verification options for you by calling our HelpDesk at 843-661-8123 or by Submitting a FDTC HelpDesk Ticket.

Logging into Desire2Learn and myFDTC

Desire2Learn and myFDTC use your FDTC Email Account to authenticate. To login to these systems you will be prompted to login to your FDTC email account.

Why can’t I login to Desire2Learn?

If you are receiving an error when logging into Desire2Learn it could be because you are not registered for any classes. Reach out to your advisor or log into myFDTC to ensure you are registered for classes.

How do I login to FDTC Central (Etrieve) to submit a form?

The username for FDTC Central (Etreive) is the first part of your FDTC Email Address (i.e. stinger.student1) and the password is your FDTC email account password.

When I log in to my FDTC email account it requires that I set up Microsoft Authenticator. Help!

If you are prompted to setup the Microsoft Authenticator app upon login to your email account, click the link below and follow all instructions.

Microsoft Authenticator with Microsoft 365

My name has changed. What do I do?

If your name has recently changed, please ensure that you call the FDTC Registrar’s Office at 843-661-8090 (or Human Resources if you are an employee) in order that your records are up to date.  

To have your FDTC Accounts updated with your new name please reach out to our HelpDesk by calling 843-661-8123 or by Submitting a FDTC HelpDesk Ticket

How do I add my FDTC Email Account on my phone?

To add your FDTC email account on your iPhone, iPad or Android device, use the instructions at the following Microsoft link and choose your device and desired apps.

Set up Office apps and email on a mobile device

How do I connect to FDTC’s Wifi Network?

All Employees and Students can connect to the “WiFiFDTC” network using their devices by choosing this network and logging in with their FDTC Email Account credentials.

All Employees, Students and the public can connect to the “FDTC_Guest” network without authenticating. All users will be prompted to accept Terms of Use when first connecting to this network.


Call our HelpDesk at (843) 661-8123 or submit a FDTC HelpDesk Ticket.

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