Student Success Stories

Florence-Darlington Technical College has a long history of generating career success for our students. Don’t take our word for it though, these Student Success Stories from our current and past students serve as beacons of achievement, showcasing the triumphs, challenges overcome, and the transformative impact of education on their lives. Listen, or read their stories and see the impacts FDTC has had on them. Their stories not only celebrate their accomplishments but also offer valuable insight for those embarking on their own educational journey.

Arthur Hart

Arthur Hart came to FDTC to pursue a new career in the medical field. Shadowing medical professionals at McLeod Health led him to the Surgical Technology Program and his passion.

Micah Yates

Micah Yates has a lot of reasons to smile! He’s getting a top-notch education at Florence-Darlington Technical College, where he is enrolled in the Dental Hygiene program. He was a starting player on the FDTC baseball team that went to the JUCO World Series in 2021. And he’s got big plans for making a difference in his local community after graduation.

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Madison Shake

Madison Shake was a high school student attending college at FDTC through our dual-enrollment program. She took welding classes at our Lake City Campus located within The Continuum.

Andrew Long

My name is Andrew Long. My proudest accomplishment is being accepted into the Caterpillar ThinkBIG program at Florence-Darlington Technical College. When I complete the program in June of 2024, I will have earned my associate degree in Diesel Technology, one year of Caterpillar dealer experience, and a year’s wages by working in a sponsored internship. And I will have guaranteed employment with Blanchard Machinery upon graduation.

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Stefanie Stewart

Stefanie Stewart graduated from high school and college with the class of 2023. Through Florence-Darlington Technical College’s Early College Academy, she was able to earn both her Associate of Science and Associate of Arts degrees while attending high school. Stefanie was also the salutatorian at Darlington High School. She will continue her college journey at Florida A&M University majoring in biology pre-medicine starting Fall of 2023 as a sophomore.

Briana Zimmerman

My name is Briana Zimmerman. In 2017, I earned my associate degree in criminal justice at Florence-Darlington Technical College. Today, I work as a deputy at the Darlington County Sheriff’s Office and as a minister. These roles allow me to help people and do everything in my power to make this world a better and safer place.

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Shanaya Gamble

Shanaya Gamble is a graduate of our Early Care and Education program. Shanaya pursued a two-year degree and will work for some time in her field before deciding on a Bachelors program that suits her interests and career goals.