Various images of civil engineers working.

Civil Engineering Technology

Program Type: Associate In Applied Science

Program Level: UG

Division: Career & Technical Education

Program Duration: 24 months

Program Contact: David Edwards

Time: Day

Program overview

The Civil Engineering Technology program (CET) uses classroom and laboratory experiences to provide students technical, computer aided drafting skills, which will prepare them for careers in the environmental field, surveying, construction management, design, and testing.

Entry Requirements

To see a list of entrance requirements for this program, please check the FDTC Course Catalog.

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Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  • Utilize CAD software to complete property survey projects and characterize pertinent details according to industry standards.
  • Determine the different soil parameters needed for design such as: classifying soil type, performing density and moisture content testing, calculating the earth pressures and determining the safe bearing capacity of the soils to support structures, and determining the resulting settlements due to building loads.
  • Characterize civil engineering environmental factors: determine the feasibility of building a water reservoir to supply water to the community, design the reservoir volume and height of the dam, determine the parameters for clean water and identify the different contaminations and their sources, evaluate the efficiency of water and sewer treatment plants, design the drinking water-sanitary sewer-storm sewer distribution systems, design storm detention ponds due to runoff from certain design storms.
  • Determine the parameters of earthwork construction, and production rates for heavy construction equipment, determine the rental rates for this equipment, evaluate proper management of projects utilizing the Critical Path Method (CPM), and competitively bid an actual earthwork project.